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April 5, 2022 – CCW Alive Wrestling Episode 81

Recap sent by Andy Seeley

April 5, 2022 – CCW Alive Wrestling Episode 81

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It’s a hard-hitting episode of CCW Alive as we count down the days to Bash at the Brew 15, scheduled for Friday, April 8 at Unbranded Brewing Company in Hialeah, Fla. Tickets available here:https://www.coastalchampionshipwrestlingfl.com/events-1/ccw-presents-bash-at-the-brew-15-friday-night-bash

Two powerhouses collide in our opener as the huge Haitian Lakay takes on the bruising Brian Brock, presented by Lew Spectre of the Resident Scumbags. In our main event, CCW World Heavyweight Champion Cha Cha Charlie defends against a Coastal Championship Wrestling OG in Romeo Quevedo. Both matches emanate from Port St. Lucie, Fla. and CCW’s recent Secret Treasure show there. The Last Territory returns to PSL on April 22. Click here for tickets:https://www.coastalchampionshipwrestlingfl.com/events-1/ccw-presents-st-lucie-showdown-ii

Brian Brock (w/ Lew Spectre) def. Lakay

As if coming to the ring with Resident Scumbags Lew Spectre and Xander Frost wasn’t enough to show how Brian Brock was going to approach this match, he showed it very early on and he showed it with a somewhat tainted victory as well.

Early in the match, Brock had Lakay in a standard chinlock. But after just a few seconds in the hold, Brock dug his fingers into Lakay’s face, raking and pulling at his eyes, nose and mouth, only stopping to avoid disqualification.

Lakay eventually overcame many of the underhanded tactics from Brock and Spectre and scored with the move that has resulted in numerous victories for the humongous Haitian sensation, a massing spinning side slam. But Spectre distracted referee Randy Eller, keeping Brock from what would surely have been a three-count.

While Lakay argued with Spectre, Brock used the distraction to attack Lakay from behind, then roll up him with a big handful of tights to pick up the victory.

Cha Cha Charlie def. Romeo Quevedo – CCW World Heavyweight Championship
CCW World Heavyweight Champion Cha Cha Charlie defended his title yet again at Secret Treasure in Port St. Lucie. This time, Cha Cha would face Romeo Quevedo, a CCW OG. Quevedo wrestled his first match in CCW all the way back in 2007.

The veteran would provide a stiff challenge to the Dominican dancing Cha Cha. Early on in the match, Quevedo absolutely willed himself not to be taken off his feet, despite some a heavy clothesline and chop from the champion. Quevedo scored a near fall after catching Charlie with a superkick coming off the ropes and following it up with a release suplex.

Cha Cha regained control when the action spilled to the outside. Always one to take risks and head to the top turnbuckle, Charlie landed a massive flying double axe handle to Quevedo on the floor, turning the tide in this contest.

At one point, both men looked as though they might not get up. Cha Cha delivered a massive Spanish Fly off the top rope, but the impact and the brutal match took so much out of them, both men struggled to regain their footing.

When Charlie finally got up first, he went up top yet again, donning his ever-present hat and looking for his signature Mangu Splash. But Quevedo had it scouted, followed him up and seemed to be looking for a superplex. Cha Cha was able to fend him off and knock him to the mat with an elbow. As Quevedo was standing up, Charlie hit his signature move but with a twist. A Mangu Splash became a Mangu Crossbody, but it was still enough to pick up the hard-fought victory and retain the title.

Cha Cha will defend his championship against the Six Tool Product Anthony Catena Friday at Bash at the Brew 15. Tickets are available by clicking here:https://www.coastalchampionshipwrestlingfl.com/events-1/ccw-presents-bash-at-the-brew-15-friday-night-bash

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