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NWA Powerrr Season 8 Episode 3 Results

NWA Powerrr Season 8 Episode 3 – April 5

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NWA Powerrr Season 8 Episode 3 Results

Tonight’s episode was taped in Nashville, TN.

Cold Open

Show opens with a clip of Tim Storm tossing Cardona back in the ring followed by a video package recapping Cardona’s challenge of Tim Storm.

Matt Cardona defeats Tim Storm – Non-Title Match – 05:15

  • Cardona kicked Tim Storm in the face and got the pinfall victory.
  • Matt was about to hit Cardona with the belt again, but Nick Aldis came to the ring. Aldis actually hit Cardona with the title instead.

Pope with Kyle Davis

  • Pope says he has waited long enough. He continues to say he’s cashing in his Champion’s Series Title Shot . . . and he wants the 10 lbs of gold.

Rhett Titus defeats Darius Lockhart – 07:25

  • Darius Lockhart was pounding on Titus in the corner, and he wouldn’t break for the referee’s 5 count. The ref disqualified him.

May Valentine with the Briscoes

  • They’re coming for La Rebellion

Kyle Davis with Chris Adonis and Jax Dane

  • Dane says that if Adonis wants a match, he’ll be happy to put Adonis on the shelf.
  • Chris Adonis suggested that they have a Masterlock Challenge, but Dane didn’t take that challenge.

Trevor Murdoch defeats Garrisson Creed – 00:36

  • Murdoch used a piledriver to secure the pinfall victory.

Kyle Davis with Trevor Mudoch

  • Murdoch says he’s here to focus on me and me alone.
  • Aron Stevens comes to the podium. Aron says that Trevor will not return phone calls. Stevens says that Trevor won the title and he needs to get out of his own head.
  • Murdoch punched Stevens in the face.

May Valentine with Bill Corgan

  • Corgan says he’s giving Titus the title shot he was planning to give to Darius Lockhart.
  • He also says that Aldis does not have a title shot.
  • Murdoch does have a title shot.
  • Pope has declared that he wants a title shot. Billy says it will probably be on Powerrr.
  • Billy says he has to work with Cardona

Austin Idol Explains the Slam Challenge

  • Cyon gets three shots to slam Tyrus. If he is able to slam Tyrus, he’ll automatically get a title shot.

Slam Challenge

  • Tyrus pushed Cyon back on attempt number 1.
  • Tyrus leaned back into he ropes on attempt number 2.
  • Tyrus gave Cyon a heart punch before he could make his third attempt.

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