Minutes to Bell Time

AEW Dark – April 5

AEW Dark – April 5

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AEW Dark Elevation Results

Taped at Universal Studios in Orlando.

Ryan Nemeth defeats Chandler Hopkins – 04:00

  • Nemeth used a neck breaker to get the pinfall victory.

Sonny Kiss defeats JP Harlow – 01:56

  • Sonny put JP Harlow on the ropes, kicked him in the stomach, and pinned him.

Abadon defeats Hyena Hera – 01:32

  • Abadon used her leg assisted DDT for the pinfall victory.

Tiger Ruas and Cezar Bononi defeat Luke Sampson and Guillermo Rosas – 02:29

  • Bononi used a pump handle suplex to get the pinfall victory.
  • Bononi and Ruas continued to beat up Guillermo Rosas after the bell.

Lance Archer defeats Dean Alexander – 2:36

  • Archer used the Blackout and the EBD claw to get the pinfall victory.

Alan Angels and Preston Vance defeatΒ Aaron Solo and Nick Comoroto – 08:11

  • Preston Vance used the Full Nelson to get the submission victory, but the highlight of the match was when -1 pulled down QT Marshall’s pants. . .yep you read that correctly.

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