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CCW Alive Episode 70 – March 22

CCW Alive Episode 79 – March 22

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CCW Alive Wrestling Episode 79 Results

Results submitted by Andy Seeley

This week on CCW Alive Wrestling, it’s the legendary Vampire Warrior Gangrel vs. the debuting Samoan Werewolf Jacob Fatu. This one is an absolute war and led to a return match that has been set for April 22 in Port St. Lucie, Fla. Get tickets to see what should be an incredible match and card by clicking here: https://www.coastalchampionshipwrestlingfl.com/events-1/ccw-presents-st-lucie-showdown-ii.

Gangrel def. Jacob Fatu by disqualification
It’s teacher vs. student this week on CCW Alive Wrestling. The legendary Gangrel helped train the Samoan Werewolf Jacob Fatu back in the day. Fatu, a former Major League Wrestling World Champion, came to Port St. Lucie to face his old mentor and it was clear early on that he was intent on proving something to Gangrel.

After the two locked up for the first time, with neither man gaining an advantage, Fatu banged on his chest and flexed. Gangrel, not one to back down, did the same. Fatu took offense to this display, knocking Gangrel down with a vicious open-hand slap to the face. Needless to say, there was no sportsmanship on display from Fatu from this point on.

Both men had their chances in this contest. Gangrel looked to employ his signature Impaler DDT on a couple occasions, but it was well-scouted by Fatu. At one point, Gangrel seemed to have the upper hand by clotheslining Fatu outside the ring. Gangrel continued on the offensive, hammering Fatu all over the ringside area.

But the Samoan Werewolf made his way back into the ring and was lying in wait for the Vampire Warrior as he rolled back in. Numerous times throughout the match, Fatu pushed the envelope on violence and the rules, biting Gangrel’s head and delivering nasty headbutts.

Fatu looked to take control, as he had a Gangrel clothesline attempt well-scouted and drove him into the mat with a big-time Samoan Drop. That’s the precusor to the Fatu’s devastating triple jump moonault finishing maneuver. But the veteran Gangrel saw it coming and rolled out of the way, visibly frustrating his former student.

Gangrel scored with a tiger suplex, which just served to rile up Fatu even more.

Fatu escaped a final attempt at an Impaler DDT and started just mercilessly head-butting Gangrel. He then pushed referee Randy Eller, who admonished him but declined to disqualify the Samoan Werewolf. Fatu immediately went straight back into repeated headbutts, busting Gangrel’s forehead wide open. When Eller tried to intervene once again, Fatu shoved him off again, this time more aggressively. That forced Eller to call for the bell and award Gangrel the victory by disqualification.

Following the match, Fatu continued the beatdown on the Vampire Warrior. Numerous members of the CCW locker room hit the ring looking to help and each were unmercifully dropped by clotheslines, superkicks and even a pop-up Samoan Drop. When Fatu finally exited the ring screaming he wanted more, Gangrel regained some of his senses and grabbed the microphone.

“You know what, Jacob Fatu, I want more too,” a bloody Gangrel said to the delight of the Port St. Lucie fans. “I want all of you here in Port St. Lucie to witness this. This is a verbal deal, Fatu … if you got the guts … then you’ll show up here April 22 and there will be no DQ’s, no damn rules. It will be just me and you doing a little bit of fangin’ and bangin’.”

Fatu immediately accepted the challenge and the rematch has been booked! No disqualifications. Port St. Lucie Showdown II. Jacob Fatu vs. Gangrel. Tickets : https://www.coastalchampionshipwrestlingfl.com/events-1/ccw-presents-st-lucie-showdown-ii

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  • Feb. 4 – Friday Night Fights – Miami Brewing Co. – Homestead, Fla. – ECW legend The Sandman will be in action.
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  • Feb. 12 – Secret Treasure – Mid Florida Credit Union Events Center – Port St. Lucie – Gangrel vs. former MLW Champion Jacob Fatu. KiLynn King vs. Marina Tucker for the CCW Women’s Championship. Brian Brock vs. Lakay. This is gonna be a hell of a show.

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