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AEW Dark – March 22

AEW Dark – March 22

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Dark Results

Jay Lethal defeats JD Drake – 05:42

  • Lethal used the Lethal Injection for the pinfall victory.

Tony Schiavone with Jay Lethal

  • Jay Lethal makes some minor comments on the Ring of Honor purchase.

The Butcher and The Blade defeat Shawn Dean and Carlie Bravo – 03:48

  • Butcher and Blade used Drag the Lake for the pinfall victory.

Anthony Ogogo defeats Ray Jaz – 02:22

  • Ogogo used his pop up punch for the knockout victory.

Nyla Rose defeats Kaci Lennox – 01:17

  • Nyla used the knee drop for a pinfall victory.

Blake Christian v. Rohit Raju – 03:27

  • Christian used a springboard 450 for the pinfall victory.

The Acclaimed defeat Liam Gray and Adrian Alanis – 02:14

  • Caster hits the Mic Drop for the pinfall victory.

AQA defeats Valentina Rossi – 02:03

  • AQA used a Neck-Breaker for the pinfall victory.

Tony Nese defeats Karam – 02:36

  • Tony hit the running Nese for the pinfall victory.

Abadon defeats Angelica Risk – 01:04

  • Abadon used a DDT for the pinfall victory.

Gunn Club defeats Brick City Boyz (Julio Cruz and Victor Chase) – 00:30

  • Colten Gunn hit Colt 45 for the pinfall victory.

Mercedes Martinez defeats Gemma Jewels – 01:31

  • Martinez used the dragon sleeper to get the submission victory.

Varsity Blonds defeat Sothera Chhun and Tony Vincita – 03:35

  • Pillman used a jackhammer to get the pinfall victory.

Marina Shafir defeats Leila Grey – 01:21

  • Shafir used an arm and leg choke to get the submission.

Powerhouse Hobbs defeats Fuego del Sol – 04:05

  • Hobbs used the Torture Rack for the submission victory.

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