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Graphic Endings is a Minutes to Bell Time project. This is Chapter 9 of Graphic Endings – And New. Chapters come out each Tuesday. Follow the Minutes to Bell Time Instagram to get an announcement.  

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Graphic Endings Chapter 9: And New

Sounds from the Booth


We’re going to have a new champion! Come on Minute! Get the cover, hook the leg, and MAKE YOURSELF FAMOUS!

He has the far leg! The referee is down for the count;



We’ve got a New Champion . . . WHAT! WHAT! HOW?


He’s not HUMAN! In all my years covering this sport, I have never . . . LADIES and GENTLEMAN . . . I have NEVER seen anyone kick out of the FROG SPLASH.

What does Minute have to do to put Bell Time away? What could Minute possibly have left in his arsenal?

Wrestling Fans at home . . . It is Not over.

In some sort of miracle situation, the last great champion of this sport, Bell Time, an inhuman monster of a man has managed to kick out of a Frog Splash.

How? I’ll never know. But that’s where we are now.

Both men lay pretty much motionless in the center of the ring.

We can see them speaking to each other, but we can’t make out the words. Nothing kind I’m sure, but if you’re Minute in this moment, what do you next? What can you do?

Retreat is certainly an option, but not for this challenger.

We see them starting to stir now. The referee never started his count. Minute – he’s in the far corner and now Bell Time has also made it to his feet.

Back on Their Feet

I’m sorry for broadcasting silence, but what we just saw caused the entire arena to join us in falling silent.

We are waiting with anticipation over what comes next.

Both men lock eyes and now Bell Time is staring down the referee.

No doubt telling him to be ready because he intends to finish this off now.

Oh God. What’s he doing now?

Ladies and Gentleman, our former champion has locked his eyes on Minute.

He’s standing in the middle of the ring.

A bone-chilling howl echos through the arena and fans have come unglued.

OUCH. What the Hell?

I’ve been pummeled with an ice cream bar and as the sugary goodness of Vanilla runs down the front of my face, I’m beginning to think we might have a riot on our hands.


Wait a second. We have to turn our attention back to the ring. It’s Minute folks.

He hasn’t given up quite yet, and he seeks to catch the bigger man by surprise.

Yes, with Bell Time’s eyes focused on the ceiling and his arms out stretched, Minute has charged.

I don’t know if this is a wise move.

Bell Time sees him, but it might be too late.

Bell Time swings his right arm, Minute dives underneath and hooks the right arm.

Swinging around now, Minute hooks the left arm with his legs this time in what appears to be a crucifix attempt.

Gee, I just don’t see Bell Time coming down. Too much body weight for the much smaller challenger, but wait a minute.

Wait just a minute folks.

Like a mighty maple tree, we can see Bell Time falling.

Yes, indeed the crucifix is proving effective at taking Bell Time off his feet, but will it be enough to secure the pinfall?

Will it now? The referee is just slightly out of position.

Surely Bell Time will kick out. His legs are already flailing.

The Referee Counts



Will it be? Do we have a new champion?

YES! That’s Three!

Yes, the referee has motioned for the bell.

Ladies and Gentleman, Minute is the new HeavyWeight Champion of the World!

He has climbed the mountaintop!

And that championship signifies that he is indeed the very best in the world!

You can see a look of disappointment filling the face of Bell Time as he remains stunned on the mat.

Our referee now hands the championship belt to Minute.

Well, folks this is Minute’s Moment. . . a Minute Minute if you’ll pardon the pun.

And as long as we’re using puns . . . the final Bell may have rung on Bell Time’s career.

The referee raises Minute’s hand high in the air and an explosion of cameras and cheers fill the arena on this glorious glorious evening!

My broadcast colleague is now going to get a few words with Minute. He’s in the ring.

Let’s throw it to him.

In Ring Interview:

Beautiful Bobby Ballard:

Congratulations on winning the world championship for the very first time.

In your very first match wrestling on the national level.

Is there anything that you would like to say to the people here tonight?


The people? All of you. Thank you so much.

Sorry, I’m out of breath.

After that clothesline and the Gorilla Press slam, I didn’t know if I could continue.

But it was the thought of you.

Each one of you here tonight at this national event and all the people that watched me wrestle on the independent scene for the last 15 years.

You carried me through to victory tonight.

The tyranny that waged war on this sport for the last decade has been squashed.

This victory is for all of us.

Beautiful Bobby:

Anything to say to your opponent? A man you have defeated twice now.


Everyone deserves a second chance.

We’ve defeated him and shown him that his former behavior would not be tolerated.

It’s not for me to decide, but I would rather spread forgiveness than hold a grudge.

The commission will need to decide.

Beautiful Bobby:

Well said, and indeed they will have to decide.

Folks, from all of us here in the world of Professional Wrestling, we hope you and your families have a great Thanksgiving.

So long from Graphic Endings.

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Graphic Endings - And New


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