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Graphic Endings – Four Weeks to Bell Time

Graphic Endings is a Minutes to Bell Time project. This is Chapter 2 of Graphic Endings: Four Weeks to Bell Time. New chapters come out each Tuesday. Follow the Minutes to Bell Time Instagram to get an announcement each Tuesday.  

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The Dropkick Journal Presents Graphic Endings

Graphic Endings Chapter 2: Four Weeks to Bell Time

The below excerpt comes from the October 27, 1983 issue of the Dropkick Journal. Four weeks to Bell Time.

A Confrontation at CWSL

A confrontation occurred between the Heavyweight Champion Bell Time and his Graphic Endings challenger Minute during a Championship Wrestling of Shreveport Louisiana (CWSL) TV taping this past weekend. The backstage altercation marked the first time the two competitors appeared at the same wrestling event in roughly 10 years. As noted in last week’s Dropkick Journal, Minute defeated Bell Time 10 years ago in a non-televised match. After the match, Bell Time threatened to harm pro wrestling fans if Minute ever spoke of the match or if Minute tried to make a run at national superstardom. After the Dropkick Journal discovered Bell Time’s long standing blackmail, the two men agreed to a fight at the Thanksgiving Day Pay Per View Graphic Endings.

CWSL backstage correspondent Beautiful Bobby Ballard managed to get a microphone between the two wrestlers.

Transcript of the Altercation

Beautiful Bobby Ballard: Woah Gentleman. Before anything happens here tonight, I want to remind you both of the no contact clause in your Graphic Endings Contract.

Minute: Relax Bobby, I’ve waited 10 years. I can certainly wait until Thanksgiving.

Bell Time: Just what do you think’s going to happen at Graphic Endings? Do you think you’re getting some sort of revenge? No. I’ll tell you how it’s going to go. You’re going to come to the ring with the love and support of your loyal fans. The ring announcer will use all your fancy nick names and the cameras will go crazy. You will be on top of the world, and then it’s Bell Time. This isn’t going to be a wrestling match, and you aren’t going to catch me with that early dropkick again. I was concussed before, but my head’s clear now. You can try to fly around the ring, and you’ll be hard to catch. But. But, I will catch you. And when I do, I will finish this.

You see, all the challenger that came before you Minute, they all felt the strength of my grip as I crushed their limbs with my hands. They’re afraid of me now, and they won’t fight me again. Here’s the difference though. The only reason they still wrestle at all is because I stopped. I pinned them early and they now wrestle lesser men.

When it comes to you Minute, I’m not stopping. I told you to stay away 10 years ago. It says in our contract that I can’t touch anyone outside a wrestling ring or I’ll forfeit my title. So that means your precious fans are protected. Who’s going to protect you? I warned you to stay away and you didn’t listen. Now. . . the only choice I have is take away your choice. The Graphic Endings PPV only ends one way and that’s when the violence becomes too graphic for the referee, and he calls for the bell.

Beautiful Bobby Ballard: Good God Man! Is that any way for our World Champion to behave?

Minute: Come on Bobby. He’s a bully, and he’s bad for the business of Professional Wrestling. Everyone knows it, but you know what people haven’t realized yet. This big mountain of a man, this champion . . . he’s just scared.

Bell Time: I’m scared of no man!

Minute: Ha. You’re terrified. You have limited skills and you know it. Half the men you beat could easily defeat you in a rematch. We’re not stupid. They don’t choose to avoid you. You threatened their families the same way you threatened my friends 10 years ago. You’re so wrapped up in insecurity that you resort to shameful (borderline illegal) activities to hold on to that precious title. Well, Bell Time, that fear and that arrogance is going to cause you to make mistakes. And I’m not someone that you can afford to make mistakes with. You’re stronger, and I’m faster. You’re bigger, and I’m smarter. I would be surprised if you last 10 minutes in the ring with me.

Let me tell you another reason you’re scared Bell Time. You and I both know that as soon as you drop that belt, the commission is going to ban you from ever competing for it again. You nearly destroyed the industry, but I’m taking it back from you. I’m taking it back, and I’m returning our sport to the wrestlers and fans that love it! The only Graphic Ending we’ll see will be the Graphic Ending of your wrestling career.

Beautiful Bobby Ballard: Well folks, as the backstage officials separate these larger than life characters, we are all out of time. But don’t forget to tune in on November the 24th live on Pay Per View to see the historic conclusion of this enormous rivalry.

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