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Impact Rebellion – April 23

Rebellion – April 23

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Impact Rebellion Results

*Live from Poughkeepsie, NY.

(Countdown-1) Eddie Edwards defeats Chris Bey…Eddie avoids the Art of Finesse, delivers Die Hard Flosion for the win (09:23).

(Countdown-2) The Influence defeat The IInspiration…to retain their Knockouts Tag Team Championship…the Influences hits The Collab on Jessie, Tenille covers for the win (06:35).

(3)  Steve Maclin defeats Chris Sabin & Jay White…in a TRIPLE THREAT MATCH…Sabin & White struggle back & forth for the Cradle Shock/Bladerunner…Sabin eventually succeeds in delivering the Cradle Shock to White but before he can make a cover Maclin slides in & hooks Sabin with a Crucifix Roll Up for the win (12:05).

*Josh Alexander shares a moment backstage with his wife & son…Scott D’Amore approaches to talk to Josh as his coach, not an executive…preaches using his unmatched skill over his anger.

(4)  Taya Valkyrie defeats Deonna Purrazzo…to become the NEW AAA Reina de Reinas Champion…Taya fights out of the Queen’s Gambit & counters with Road to Valhalla for the win (09:09).

(5)  Ace Austin defeats Mike Bailey & Trey Miguel…in a TRIPLE THREAT MATCH to become the NEW X-Division Champion…Austin hits the Fold on Trey for the win (10:25).

*Vignette with the letters E – G – V seems to signal the imminent return of Sami Callihan as it also spells out “SAMI” in binary code.

(6)  Tomohiro Ishii defeats Jonah…Ishii avoids the Tsunami, follows with a Basement Lariat but only gets a 2 count…Ishii then uses a couple of headbutts to set up a Brainbuster for the win (14:34).

(7)  Violent By Design win the 8 TEAM ELIMINATION CHALLENGE to retain their iMPACT! Tag Team Championship

+ Major Players eliminate Jordynne Grace & W. Morrissey when Cardona Rolls Up Grace…AFTER…Morrissey survives a post-elimination low blow by Chelsea Green because he came prepared by wearing an athletic cup…he then powerbombs Chelsea through a ringside table…

+ Good Brothers eliminate Major Players with a quick Magic Killer on the distraught Cardona & a cover by Gallows…

+ Good Brothers eliminate Johnny Swinger & Zicky Dice with a Magic Killer on Zicky & a cover by Anderson…

+ Good Brothers eliminate Rich Swann & Willie Mack with a Magic Killer on Willie & a cover by Anderson…

+ Matt Taven & Mike Bennett eliminate the Good Brothers when Anderson attempts to suplex Taven back into the ring from the apron but Taven counters into a cross body, falling into a cover, while Maria Kanellis holds Anderson’s feet from outside to aid the pinfall…

+ Heath & Rhino eliminate Matt Taven & Mike Bennett when Rhino GORES Taven & makes the cover…

+ Violent By Design eliminate Heath & Rhino when Eric Young shakes off a Wake Up Call attempt by Heath & delivers a Piledriver for the win (33:06).

(8)  Tasha Steelz defeats Rosemary…to retain her Knockouts Championship…Steelz pulls Rosemary off the top buckle into a Cutter & follows with a Falcon Arrow for the win (11:55).

*SLAMMIVERSARY returns “home” on June 19th in Nashville for the 20th Anniversary.

*Josh Alexander is accompanied to the ring by his young son, also in singlet & headgear…his son then joins mom in the front row.

(9)  Josh Alexander defeats Moose…to become the NEW iMPACT! World Champion…Alexander becomes the first to ever kick out of a Moose Spear…after being Buckle-Bombed into an exposed turnbuckle ring, Josh avoids another Spear with a low dropkick to take out Moose’s knee & follows with a C-4 Spike for the win (23:50).


iMPACT! PREVIEW – April 28, 2022

+ no matches announced


iMPACT!+ UNDER SIEGE – May 7, 2022 – Newport, KY

iMPACT! SLAMMIVERSARY on PPV – June 19, 2022 – Nashville, TN


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