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Impact – Sep 15

Impact – Sep 15

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Impact Results

*Emanating from Dallas, TX.

(1)  Mike Bailey def. Mascara Dorada…retains his X-Division Championship…Dorada attempts a 2nd rope moonsault but Bailey gets the knees up…after a series of kicks, Bailey hits Ultima Weapon for the win (08:57)…AFTER…Kenny King attacks both men…hits Bailey with the Royal Flush.

*Eric Young & Deaner are at EY’s Compound with the randos in yellow hoodies…Deaner beats one mercilessly for no reason…EY is “The Designer”…the randos reply to being asked their name with, “I am violence.”

*Scott D’Amore approaches Mike Bailey backstage…ROH’s Delirious wants a shot at Victory Road…and that same night will be a Triple Threat Revolver to find his Bound for Glory opponent.

(2)  Decay def. Moose & Steve Maclin…Moose is jawing with the fans & misses Maclin looking for a tag…Taurus runs Maclin into Moose & Rolls Up Maclin for the win (07:08)…AFTER…

*Sami Callihan is in the balcony with a mic…Sami presents footage of Moose admitting that not only is he working with Maclin, but he intends to screw him over the first chance he gets…Sami presents a 2nd clip of Maclin admitting basically the same thing…Moose & Maclin start swinging on each other…Sami joins them & nails Maclin with a barbed wire-wrapped bat as Moose escapes.

*Rosemary blames Taya Valkyrie’s loss last week on Jessicka…she still needs to prove herself.

(3)  Killer Kelly def. Alisha…Kelly catches Alisha with a pump kick & transitions into the Killer Clutch for the submission win (02:13)…AFTER…Tasha Steelz comes face-to-face with Kelly, who says she’ll see her at Victory Road.

*Joe Hendry vignette…utterly ridiculous hospital scene that turns into a musical number…apparently he’s coming to “motivate” Impact Wrestling.

(4)  OGK def. Josh Alexander & Rich Swann by DISQUALIFICATION…retain their Impact Tag Team Championship…while Maria Kanellis distracts the ref, Eddie Edwards nails Josh with a kendo stick…Heath slides in & hits the Wake Up Call on Taven right in front of the ref, causing the DQ (07:18).

*Jordynne Grace is contemplating Masha’s message which is still all over her dressing room wall…Johnny Swinger & Zicky Dice arrive with a giant pizza & another black envelope for Jordynne…it’s a picture of Max the Impaler, apparently Masha Slamovich’s “Pick Your Poison” choice for Victory Road…Zicky pisses off Jordynne & gets slapped with a slice of pizza…Jordynne says she’s going to kill Zicky next week.

*Heath is apologizing to Josh Alexander & Rich Swann when Scott D’Amore approaches to tell them to get on the same page because they’re facing Eddie Edwards & OGK at Victory Road in 6-man action.

(5)  Mickie James def. Hyan…James with the Mick-DT for the win (02:38)…AFTER…Gisele Shaw out, says Mickie is wrestling nobodies to delay the inevitable…challenges Mickie for Victory Road…Mickie accepts.

*Vincent still giving PCO shock treatments in a dark room.

*Brian Myers promo…says Bhupinder Gujjar has been climbing the ladder of success in Impact, but next week it all comes crashing down.

(6)  Motor City Machine Guns def. Good Brothers…Skull & Bones on Anderson, Sabin covers for the win (20:00)…AFTER…the Guns offer their hands in respect…Good Brothers counter with Too Sweet & everyone hugs it out at the show ends.


iMPACT! PREVIEW – Sep. 22, 2022

+ Jordynne Grace vs. Zicky Dice

+ Brian Myers (c) vs. Bhupinder Gujjar – Ladder Match for the Digital Media Championship

+ Aussie Open vs. Motor City Machine Guns


iMPACT!+ VICTORY ROAD PREVIEW – Fri. Sep. 23, 2022 – Nashville, TN.

+ Maclin vs. Moose vs. Sami Callihan – in a Barbed Wire Massacre Match

+ Jordynne Grace vs. Max the Impaler – Pick Your Poison

+ Mike Bailey (c) vs. Delirious – for the X-Division Championship

+ Kenny King, Laredo Kid, Alex Zayne, Trey Miguel, Black Taurus, Yuya Uemora, Frankie Kazarian, & Mia Yim – Triple Threat Revolver to name X-Division #1 Contender

+ Josh Alexander, Rich Swann, & Heath vs. Eddie Edwards & OGK – in a 6-Man Tag Match

+ Mickie James vs. Gisele Shaw (discussed but not made official)

+ Tasha Steelz vs. Killer Kelly (discussed but not made official)


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