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MLW Fusion – March 17

MLW Fusion – March 17

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MLW Results

Show Opens with Richard Holliday inside the Grady Cole Center in Charlotte

  • He talks about the history of the building. He shows us a stained spot on the floor where he has left his mark. It’s Hammerstone’s blood.
  • The blood has been washed from Holliday’s hands, but it will forever stay in Charlotte.

Miranda Gordy defeats Rok-C – 07:34

  • Gordy hit the Bam Bam Slam (Powerbomb) for the pinfall victory.

Gordy Promo

  • She took Dallas all the way down Badstreet.

Gino Medina Has Received A Bonus

  • Apparently that’s what you get for attacking someone backstage.

Contra Promo

  • Mads Krugger challenges Jacob to a Stairway to Hell Match.

Richard Holliday and Alicia Atout Shown in a Limo

Julius Smokes Yells A Lot About the Greatness of 5150

Video Package on Alexander Hammerstone

  • Dropped out of college to start training to be a wrestler.

Medical Updates

  • Marshal Von Erich will be out for 3-4 weeks.
  • No Update on Hammerstone because Hammerstone refuses to comply with checkups.
  • EJ Nduka says he’s tried to be righteous. He’ll return Evil with Good when he gets his chance to face 5150.

Back to Richard and Alicia

  • We were about to see a sex session, but Alicia saw something important on her phone. Holliday and Alicia had to leave.

TJP defeats Buddy Matthews – 20:21

  • TJP used a knee bar to get the submission victory.

Cesar Duran Announcement

  • If Hammerstone does not show up at MLW Fusion next week, the title will be vacated.

Next Week March 24th

  • Gangrel will be at MLW
  • Killer Kross will debut.
  • Jacob Fatu v. Mads Krugger – Stairway to Hell
  • If Hammerstone does not show up at MLW Fusion next week, the title will be vacated.

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