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NXT UK – March 17

NXT UK – March 17

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NXT UK Results

Oliver Carter defeats Tyler Bate – 10:10

  • Bate was distracted by some action between Smith and Seven. Carter countered Bate’s top rope offense with a back slide for the pinfall victory.

A-Kid with Saxon Huxley

  • A-Kid gets Huxley to agree to being his tag partner.

Wild Boar Promo

  • He holds Eddie Dennis responsible for every bit of hell he went through in the last year.

Emilia McKenzie defeats Nina Samuels – 08:45

  • McKenzie hit a big spear for the pinfall victory.

Mark Coffey Exits Sid Scala’s Office

  • Seems like he has a match with Noam Dar coming up.

Kenny Williams Backstage

  • Williams receives a written threat from

Symbiosis with Sid Scala

  • Sid tells Eddie Dennis that Wild Boar has requested a match. Dennis says he’s pretty much a manager these days. It would be better if T-Bone or Primate took the match.
  • Dennis leaves and Scala makes a call.

Aleah James defeats Stevie Turner – 04:10

  • Aleah James used an O’conner Roll with a bridge for the pinfall victory.

Sha Samuels with Noam Dar

  • Dar says he’s beat Wolfgang and Joe Coffey. Mark is just the driver.

Isla Dawn and Meiko Satomura Video Package

Roderick Strong defeats Wolfgang – 09:50

  • Strong hit a high knee and got the pinfall victory.

Post Match Promo: Strong Challenges Dragunov

Next Week

  • Special Start Time 4PM Eastern
  • Meiko Satomura v. Isla Dawn – NXT UK Women’s Championship

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