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Monday Night Raw – June 20

Monday Night Raw – June 20

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Monday Night Raw Results

*Live from Lincoln, NE.

*Bianca Belair to the ring…Rhea is injured, so Bianca needs a new opponent…there will be a Fatal 5-Way for the #1 Contender spot…Becky Lynch interrupts, she should get the spot…Asuka out next to bust Becky’s balls…followed by Liv Morgan…hey look, they found Carmella…and here’s Alexa Bliss…that’s five, so let’s go.

(1)  Carmella def. Becky Lynch, Asuka, Liv Morgan, & Alexa Bliss…in a FATAL 5-WAY #1 CONTENDER MATCH…Liv gets the knees up to block Twisted Bliss, but turns around into a Superkick from Carmella for the win (12:28)…Mella now faces Bianca at Money in the Bank.

*Becky Lynch bitching to Adam Pearce backstage about not being part of Money in the Bank…Pearce re-books Becky vs. Asuka in a MitB Qualifying match.

*Mr. McMahon to the ring to inform us that John Cena returns to Raw next week…which we already knew.

(2)  Money in the Bank Men’s Qualifier: Omos def. Riddle…Riddle jumps for an RKO…Omos catches Riddle, spins him around, & hits the ChokeBomb for the win (03:55)…AFTER…another ChokeBomb for fun.

*Seth Rollins down to add insult to injury…drops Riddle as payback for invoking his name earlier…Seth says only he has Roman’s number…Riddle recovers & tries to attack Seth, but winds up eating some canvas on the business end of a Stomp instead.

*Theory to the ring to give the people more poses…Bobby Lashley sneaks up, squirts Theory in the eyes with baby oil, spears Theory off the posing platform.

*Theory backstage with Kevin Patrick…says Bobby Lashley doesn’t deserve a shot at his US Championship…but if he wants to earn it, he has to win a 3-man gauntlet match tonight.

(3)  Angelo Dawkins def. Jey Uso…Dawkins counters the Uso Splash into a Sky High for the win (07:21).

*Ezekiel & Elias chat backstage…after the break, Elias is in the ring for the concert…Kevin Owens interrupts, he’s not buying it…Ezekiel interrupts from the ‘tron to “prove” they’re not lying…KO tosses Elias’ guitar out of the ring…Elias hits KO with a jumping knee & breaks a back up guitar over KO’s back…Kevin Patrick approaches KO as he stumbles backstage, and he’s still not sold…KO wants a match with either Zeke or Elias next week…Ezekiel approaches KO to accept…Owens looks like he’s seen a ghost.

(4)  Bobby Lashley def. Chad Gable…in match #1 of a 3-MATCH GAUNTLET…Lashley sinks in the Hurt Lock for the submission win (05:46)…AFTER…Otis immediately attacks.

(5)  Bobby Lashley def. Otis by DQ…in match #2 of a 3-MATCH GAUNTLET…when Lashley delivers a Spear to Otis but Chad Gable interferes to break up the count, causing the DQ (08:53)…AFTER…Alpha Academy beat on Lashley 2-on-1…Theory decides to do his own dirty work & jumps on Lashley…

(6)  Bobby Lashley def. Theory…in match #3 of a 3-MATCH GAUNTLET…Lashley counters A-Town Down into a Cradle for the Roll Up win (01:17)…as a result, Lashley will face Theory at Money in the Bank for the United States Championship.

*Bianca Belair backstage with Sarah…she won’t overlook Carmella…but she wasn’t paying full attention as Carmella attacks from behind to remind Bianca that, “Mella is Money.”

*MizTV with guest AJ Styles…somehow we’re talking about Miz’s “tiny, popcorn balls” again…AJ drops Miz with a mic shot to the head, then gets blindsided by Ciampa out of nowhere as we go to break…bet you’ll never guess where this is headed…

(7)  AJ Styles def. Ciampa…AJ hits the Phenomenal Forearm for the win (04:29)…AFTER…Miz tries for a sneak attack & eats a Pelé Kick, followed by the Styles Clash.

*Veer Mahaan joins Kevin Patrick in the Okerlund Position…he won’t be stopped…FEAR VEER!

(5)  Money in the Bank Women’s Qualifier: Asuka def. Becky Lynch…Becky kicks out of a roll up, but Asuka follows with a Roundhouse Head Kick for the win (12:07)…AFTER…Becky has a meltdown at ringside as the show ends.


WWE RAW PREVIEW – June 27, 2022 – Laredo, TX.

+ John Cena returns for his 20 Year Celebration

+ Kevin Owens vs. Ezekiel/Elias/Elrod


WWE MONEY IN THE BANK PREVIEW – Saturday July 2, 2022 – Las Vegas, NV

+ Bianca Belair (c) vs. Carmella – for the Raw Women’s Championship

+ Ronda Rousey (c) vs. Natalya – for the SmackDown Women’s Championship

+ Men’s Money in the Bank Match: Seth Rollins vs. Sheamus vs. Drew McIntyre vs. Omos vs. ? TBD

+ Women’s Money in the Bank Match: Lacey Evans vs. Liv Morgan vs. Alexa Bliss vs. Raquel Rodriguez vs. Asuka vs. ? TBD

+ The Usos (c) vs. Street Profits – for the Undisputed Tag Team Championship

+ Theory (c) vs. Bobby Lashley – for the United States Championship


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