Minutes to Bell Time

Monday Night Raw – May 30

Monday Night Raw – May 30

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Raw Results

*Live from Des Moines, IA.

*Becky Lynch to the ring…she knows the Universe doesn’t want her to win, but she runs on spite & coffee so she’s doing OK…Asuka interrupts, she’s ready to become champ again…Bianca Belair interrupts, she does her talking in the ring…but she’ll babble on right now…Becky suckerpunches Bianca & the brawl is on…Becky gets bounced to the floor as we go to break.

(1)  Bianca Belair defeats Asuka…Asuka botches an attempt at La Magistral Cradle, allowing Bianca to shift her weight & get the Roll Up win (13:08)…AFTER…Becky Lynch leaves commentary to attack…an overhead toss for Asuka…a Manhandle Slam for Bianca.

(2)  Ezekiel & the Mysterios defeat Kevin Owens & Alpha Academy…Ezekiel delivers a stalling, twisting Suplex to Chad for the win (08:33)…AFTER…Kevin Owens throws a temper tantrum & tears apart the announce desk.

*Cody Rhodes to the ring…he respects Seth, but he’s leaving that respect outside the Cell on Sunday…Seth Rollins interrupts, cackling maniacally from the crowd…he doesn’t like Cody & doesn’t want him here…Seth says Cody doesn’t get to take a sledgehammer to the throne, then come back & try to take that throne from Seth…Cody invites Seth to the ring…Seth says, “See you Sunday”…Cody jumps the barricade & the fight is on…Cody tackles Seth through the barricade…refs & agents struggle to keep them apart.

(3)  Alexa Bliss defeats Doudrop…Alexa kicks Nikki ASH away before she can interfere, then hits Twisted Bliss on Doudrop for the win (03:19).

*MVP has chosen to join Omos & turn the match with Bobby Lashley into a Handicap Match.

*MizTV…Miz is schilling for “Miz & Mrs” when he’s interrupted by the Street Profits…they schill for the PPV…the 24/7 Division spills into the ring…Tamina drops Dana Brooke with a Samoan Drop to become the NEW 24/7 Champion…Tamina plants a kiss on Tozawa…then Tozawa uses a backslide for the Roll Up pin & becomes the NEW 24/7 Champion.

*Theory joins commentary to observe the following match, wherein Theory will graciously grant Mustafa Ali a shot at the United States title with a win.

(4)  Mustafa Ali defeats Ciampa by DQ…when Theory pulls Ali off the buckles, causing the DQ (03:28)…AFTER…Theory attacks Ali some more, then grabs a mic & suggests the “future” US title shot take place right now…Theory continues to batter Ali through the break.

(5)  Theory defeats Mustafa Ali…retains his United States Championship…Theory hits A-Town Down for the win (01:45)…AFTER…Adam Pearce interrupts the celebration to announce that Mr. McMahon wants to see a fair rematch…at Hell in a Cell.

*Riddle & Shinsuke Nakamura backstage…“the Ronin & the Bro-nin” are here to bleed the Bloodline dry.

(6)  Riddle & Shinsuke Nakamura defeat The Usos by DQ…in a CHAMPIONSHIP CONTENDER’S MATCH…Jimmy blatantly uses a scooter to hit Riddle, causing the DQ (12:25)…AFTER…Nakamura takes Jimmy off one top buckle with a jumping roundhouse kick…Riddle takes Jey off the other buckle with a Super RKO.

*Mustafa Ali backstage with Kevin Patrick…been through hell & back to earn this title shot…plans to walk out of his hometown as new US Champion…Theory blindsides Ali & grabs a selfie.

*Memorial Day video package…WWE thanks those who gave all to this nation.

(7)  Liv Morgan defeats Rhea RipleyDamian Priest helps block the ob-LIV-ion like Edge did last week…AJ Styles down to deal with Priest…Liv escapes the Riptide & counters with a Backstabber…then drops down for the Roll Up & the win (10:14)…AFTER…Priest runs AJ into the barricade, then turns his attention to Liv…Finn Balor down for the save, takes out Priest…Priest takes a Phenomenal Forearm, followed by a Coup de Grace.

*Bobby Lashley to the ring for the Hell in a Cell, 2-on-1 Handicap Match contract signing…Omos & MVP follow…MVP says the All Mighty Era began because of him, so it’s fitting that it ends because of him…MVP & Omos sign…Bobby says he never needed MVP…Bobby signs…MVP says no one wants to wait for Sunday…Lashley agrees & tosses the table out of the ring…Security tries to keep them apart but Lashley & Omos clear the ring until it’s just the 2 of them left…before they can get at each other, Cedric Alexander chopblocks Lashley…Omos leans a table in the corner & puts Lashley over his shoulder…Lashley escapes & Spears Omos through the table as the show ends.


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