Minutes to Bell Time

NXT – May 31

NXT – May 31

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NXT Results

*Live from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, FL.

*Roderick Strong gives the rest of Diamond Mine the night off as he & Damon Kemp head to the ring.

(1)  Pretty Deadly defeat Roderick Strong & Damon Kemp…Prince allows himself to get caught bringing one of the belts into the ring so that Wilson can use the other on Roddy behind the ref’s back…Julius Creed pushes Strong out of the way to save him from the belt shot…but Wilson gets Roddy up & Prince completes Spilt Milk for the win (13:19).

*Solo Sikoa approaches Cameron Grimes, says he’ll watch his back tonight if Trick or Melo show up & reminds him that he’s “got next”…Duke Hudson interrupts to brag about beating Bron Breakker (by DQ)…Hudson tells Sikoa he’s not on his level, so Sikoa challenges Hudson for tonight.

*Grayson Waller tells anyone who will listen backstage that Tiffany Stratton beat those “stupid American hicks” last week…Josh Briggs overhears & challenges him for tonight.

*Legado & Tony D’s crew have their sit down on a yacht…Tony says he doesn’t respect Santos…Escobar has already beaten Tony, so what’s in it for him…Tony proposed a 6-man tag, and the losers join the winners’ “family” as foot soldiers.

(2)  Cora Jade defeats Elektra Lopez…Cora hits a top buckle, Drop Senton for the win (05:12).

*Wes Lee backstage with McKenzie…Sanga interrupts to wish him good luck tonight against Xyon.

*Roxanne Perez vignette…she’s been preparing for her WWE opportunity all her life…and Cora Jade is like her big sister…says Tiffany Stratton is twice her size, but that won’t matter.

(3)  Wes Lee defeats Xyon Quinn…Quinn manhandles Lee for the entire match but because Lee has heart he’s able to Roll Up Quinn for the win (03:55)…yup, that’s what we’re going with.

*Roderick Strong is furious with Diamond Mine for interfering…Roddy knows what’s best…if the Creeds don’t bring home the tag titles, they’re out of Diamond Mine.

*Joe Gacy promo…he learned all about Bron’s childhood while Rick Steiner was his captive…Gacy encourages Breakker to use his anger.

*Bron Breakker backstage with McKenzie…Gacy playing mind games with the speakers, playing his laugh…Breakker almost smashes a monitor…but controls himself.

*Toxic Attraction sit down with Katana Chance, Kayden Carter, & Wendy Choo for the Women’s Championship Summit…cluck, cluck, cluck, cluck…Choo hits Mandy with a spitball & the brawl is on…Katana/Kayden set Mandy on the table & Choo hits the sleepy time elbow to put her through the table…Kayden/Katana/Choo hold the women’s titles over their heads (tsk, tsk, ladies).

*Kiana James approaches Ivy Nile…James doesn’t believe the Creeds have much of a chance against Pretty Deadly…and Ivy wouldn’t have much of a chance against her.

(4)  Solo Sikoa defeats Duke Hudson…Uso Splash for the win (05:12).

*Tiffany Stratton promo…she’s right where she belongs, in the spotlight…she has some harsh words for Roxanne Perez…Stratton will win the tournament & is headed for the Women’s title.

*Thea Hail will be attending Andre Chase University in the fall!

(5)  Grayson Waller defeats Josh BriggsRobert Stone & Sofia Cromwell make their way to ringside…as Briggs keeps an eye on them, Von Wagner appears on the other side of the ring…Briggs gets rid of Wagner with a big boot but turns around into Waller’s Rolling Stunner for the win (03:33)…AFTER…Wagner attacks Briggs…Brooks Jensen down for the save before Wagner can use the steel chair on Briggs.

(6)  Ivy Nile defeats Kiana James…Nile hits a high-crotch slam on James for the win (03:36)…AFTER…Pretty Deadly out to tease Ivy about the Creeds getting kicked out of Diamond Mine…the Creeds slide in to protect Ivy…Pretty Deadly try to walk away but the Creeds pull them over the ropes to get in a couple of lumps before tossing them out & raising the tag titles they down own…COME ON WITH THIS TONIGHT!

*Giovanni Vinci…coming soon to NXT…every aspect of his life is exceptional…Veni, Vidi, Vinci…GET IT?!

*Carmelo Hayes & Trick Williams join the commentary desk for the main event.

(7)  Cameron Grimes defeats Nathan Frazer…Frazer ascends the buckles, but Grimes springs up behind him & hits a belly-to-back overhead throw…Grimes follows with the Cave In for the win (10:11)…AFTER…Trick attacks, but Grimes sidesteps & tosses him to the floor…Melo attacks next…as soon as Grimes gets the upper hand, Trick pulls Melo from the ring.


NXT 2.0 IN YOUR HOUSE – PREVIEW – June 4, 2022

+ Bron Breakker (c) vs. Joe Gacy- for the NXT Championship (Bron can lose title by DQ)

+ Mandy Rose (c) vs. Wendy Choo – for the NXT Women’s Championship

+ Cameron Grimes (c) vs. Carmelo Hayes – for the North American Championship

+ Pretty Deadly (c) vs. Creed Brothers – for the NXT Tag Team Championship

+ Toxic Attraction (c) vs. Katana Chance & Kayden Carter – for the NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship

+ Tony D, Stacks, & Two Dimes vs. Legado del Fantasma


NXT 2.0 PREVIEW – June 7, 2022

+ Tiffany Stratton vs. Roxanne Perez – Breakout Tournament Finals


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