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Money in the Bank – July 2

Money in the Bank – July 2

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Money in the Bank Results

*Live from Las Vegas, NV.

(1)  Liv Morgan def. Becky Lynch, Lacey Evans, Alexa Bliss, Raquel Rodriguez, Asuka, & Shotzi…to win the MONEY IN THE BANK LADDER MATCH…Becky tips Liv’s 8-foot ladder towards the ropes…Liv balances one foot on the rope & springboard’s herself back upright…Liv shoves Becky off the 10-foot ladder…Liv hops onto the 10-foot ladder & climbs all alone to retrieve the briefcase for the win (16:34).

(2)  Bobby Lashley def. Theory…to become the NEW United States Champion…after a rake of the eyes & spear by Theory, Lashley escapes A-Town Down & sinks in the Hurt Lock for the submission win (11:01).

*Liv Morgan backstage with Sarah…Liv says she only gets one shot, so WrestleMania sounds good…but she’s not sure exactly when she’ll cash in.

(3)  Bianca Belair def. Carmella…retains her Raw Women’s Championship…Belair hits the KOD for the win (07:13)…AFTER…Carmella attacks, lays Bianca out…but no sign of Liv & the briefcase.

(4)  Usos def. Street Profits…retain their Undisputed Tag Team Championship…Usos hit 3-D on Ford, Jimmy covers for the win (23:02)…AFTER…Ford insists his shoulder was up…replay would seem to agree.

*A dark, ominous vignette is aired…lots of candles in dark rooms & a man walking through puddles…he passes a Latino Heat license plate, Dudley glasses, Hardy arm sleeves, a generic gold medal…very Attitude Era…is Edge coming back as himself circa 2000?…no “coming soon” tag line…the announce team feign complete ignorance.

(5)  Ronda Rousey def. Natalya…retains her SmackDown Women’s Championship…Natalya goes for another Sharpshooter after working on Ronda’s knee…Ronda grabs a loose arm & locks in an armbar from her back…Natalya is forced to tap for the submission win to Ronda (12:33)…AFTER…Ronda can barely stand as she celebrates her retention…Liv Morgan’s music hits…LIV IS CASHING IN!

(6)  Liv Morgan def. Ronda Rousey…to become the NEW SmackDown Women’s Champion…Ronda quickly locks in an ankle lock…Liv kicks Ronda’s bad knee to break free & Rolls Up Ronda for the win (00:32)…AFTER…a dejected & still limping Ronda gives Liv a congratulatory hug.

*Adam Pearce out in front of the ‘tron just before the opening bell of the Men’s Ladder Match to announce that he’s added an 8th competitor…Theory.

(7)  Theory def. Seth Rollins, Sheamus, Drew McIntyre, Omos, Sami Zayn, & Riddle, & Madcap Moss…to win the MONEY IN THE BANK LADDER MATCH…Butch interferes, jumps on McIntyre’s back & tries to choke him out while on the ladder…Riddle takes Rollins off the ladder into a Super RKO…Riddle climbs all alone…until Theory quickly scales the other side of the ladder & knocks Riddle to the canvas…Theory is all alone to unhook the briefcase for the win (25:31).


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