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NWA Powerrr Season 8 Episode 1 – March 22

NWA Powerrr Season 8 Episode 1 – March 22

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NWA Powerrr Season 8 Episode 1 Results

Show Opens with Joe Galli, Velvet Sky, and Tim Storm.

Kyle Davis with Matt Cardona and the Cardona Family (VSK and Mike Knox)

  • He’s always ready and still your NWA Heavyweight Champion. Matt also explains that he was not tapping. He was trying to get some crowd participation (Clap Clap. . . always ready . . . Clap Clap . . . always ready).
  • Cardona says Nick Aldis will not get another title shot.

Kyle Davis with Jeff Jarrett

  • Jarrett says his dad told him that being the referee is the “hardest job in the industry.”
  • He called it like he saw it . . . without the benefit of instant replay he assumed that Mickie James hit him with the low blow.

The Briscoes defeat The OGK – 06:57

  • Jay Briscoe used an Oklahoma Roll to get the pinfall victory.

May Valentine with La Rebellion

  • Best says they don’t care about The OGK and Briscoes.
  • Mecha Wolf explains that next week they’ll be facing The End.

Trevor Murdoch defeats Bret Bouche (?) – 01:40

  • Murdoch uses a piledriver to get the pinfall victory.

Kyle Davis with Trevor Murdoch

  • Trevor says “I wasn’t good enough before and now you want to see how I’m doing?”
  • He didn’t get any phone calls. Murdoch says he has no more patience. If you feed him hacks, the blood is on the hands of the NWA.

Kyle Davis with Mickie James and Nick Aldis

  • Mickie says tonight was a mistake.
  • Nick says he hates what happened and he doesn’t blame Jeff Jarrett.
  • Cardona’s luck will eventually run out.

Kyle Davis with Austin Idol and Tyrus

  • Austin Idol takes a long time introducing Tyrus.
  • Kyle Davis asks Idol about some potential announcement, but Austin says it is nobody’s business.
  • Apparently it has something to do with slamming Tyrus.
  • Tyrus says if someone can bodyslam him, then they will get a shot at the title.

The Hex defeats Paola Blaze and Jennacide – NWA Women’s Tag Title – 07:24

  • If Blaze and Jennacide do not win, they must split up as a tag team.
  • Marti Belle used an inside cradle to get the pinfall victory.

May Valentine with Jax Dane

  • May says Mayweather deserves better. Jax Dane responds by saying he doesn’t care what Mayweather or the fans wanted.
  • Jax also says Mayweather continually let him down. “You can bury Mayweather because I just murdered him.”

Kyle Davis with Thom Latimer and Kamille

  • Kyle asks if Strictly Business is still a thing. Thom confirms that Strictly Business is no more.
  • It’s no longer strictly business. . .it’s personal. Very personal.
  • Kamille says she should have dropped Chris a long time ago.

Homicide (c) defeats Austin Aries – NWA Junior Heavyweight Championship Match – 02:03

  • Homicide used a Koji Cutter off the middle rope for the pinfall victory.

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