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NXT 2.0 – April 5

NXT 2.0 – April 5

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NXT 2.0 Results

Taped at Universal Studios in Orlando.

*Bron Breakker to the ring with his updated NXT title…he recaps his Mania weekend of highlights & low-lights…Gunther (& Imperium) interrupts, says Bron can’t call himself the best until he’s faced the Ring General…Breakker is ready to do it tonight…Creed Brothers out to get in the faces of Imperium as we go to break.

(1)  Creed Brothers defeat Imperium…Aichner walks away from ringside…Barthel suffers a Torture Rack Slam from Brutus…Julius follows with the Basement Clothesline for the win (>11:32…match started during commercial)…AFTER…hooded figures take out the Creeds with steel chairs…reveal themselves to be Pretty Deadly.

*Toxic Attraction backstage with McKenzie…Mandy says when you mess with them, women get hurt…by the end of the night, Gigi & Jacy will be 2x tag champs.

*Cameron Grimes to the ring…so proud of his title win…Solo Sikoa interrupts…congratulates Grimes…says a champion needs a challenger & Sikoa is it…Grimes, “you’re on!”

*Joe Gacy (& Harland) promo…Gacy says if you don’t have family, it only leads to self-destruction.

*Draco Anthony & Xyon Quinn have words in the locker room…Draco says he doesn’t need Xyon to have his back…Xyon says what Draco needs is to be shown taught a lesson in respect.

*Tiffany Stratton backstage with McKenzie…she’s still furious that Sarray cost her a match last week…SHE’S NO LOSER!

(2)  Dexter Lumis vs. Duke Hudson ends in a DOUBLE COUNTOUT…after a tug of war between InDex & Du’Sia outside the ring, Duke & Dex both ram each other into the ringpost & cannot answer the ref’s 10 count (04:55).

*Gunther & Barthel in the locker room…Barthel is throwing a fit over Aichner abandoning him during their match with the Creeds…Gunther calms him down & says he can’t have any more distractions before his title match tonight.

(3)  Toxic Attraction defeat Raquel Gonzalez & Dakota Kai…to become the NEW NXT Women’s Tag Team ChampionsWendy Choo to ringside, taken out immediately by Mandy Rose…Raquel has Gigi up for the Chingona Bomb but Jacy chop blocks her injured knee…Toxic Shock on Raquel, Jacy covers for the win (12:10).

*AJ Galante introduces Tony D’Angelo for an in-ring celebration…they spoof an Omertà  ceremony & Galante presents Tony with a pinky ring as the new “Don” of NXT…disgrazia!

*MSK backstage with McKenzie…Grayson Waller (& Sanga) interrupt…Sanga says MSK won’t be champs for long…MSK is ready to go tonight, but Waller can’t because he hurt his elbow in the ladder match.

*Dakota Kai throwing a tantrum backstage…warns Mandy Rose, “you are not safe!”

(4)  Nikkita Lyons defeats Lash Legend…Lyons hits a spinning roundhouse kick to Lash’s head & finishes her off with the Senton Split for the win (04:41).

*Legado del Fantasma approach Tony D’Angelo in the parking lot…Escobar congratulates Tony & offers some advice…keep your business out of Legado’s business & everything will be OK.

*Kushida promo…he’s very angry with Von Wagner for attacking Ikemen Jiro…Kushida warns, “your time is up!”

(5)  Bron Breakker defeats Gunther…retains his NXT Championship…Breakker kicks out of the ragdoll powerbomb & big splash from Gunther…Breakker catches Gunther attempting another splash & hits him with a big mid-air spear…Breakker delivers the Gorilla Press Powerslam for the win (13:07)…AFTER…Rick Steiner appears on the ‘tron…when the camera pulls back, Steiner is tied up & in a cage…Joe Gacy appears, to reminds Bron that family is everything & wonders if he can “teach this old dog some new tricks.”


NXT 2.0 PREVIEW – April 11, 2022

+ Cameron Grimes (c) vs. Solo Sikoa – for the North American Championship

+ Mandy Rose (c) vs. Dakota Kai – for the NXT Women’s Championship

+ MSK (c) vs. Grayson Waller & Sanga – for the NXT Tag Team Championship


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