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NXT 2.0 – Aug 30

NXT 2.0 – Aug 30

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NXT 2.0 Results

*Live from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, FL.

(1)  Grayson Waller def. Apollo Crews…about the 4 minute mark, Waller pokes Apollo in the eye…Waller sets up his Rolling Stunner but Apollo pops Waller into the air for a counter before Waller pokes him again, allowing Waller to complete the Stunner for the win (12:19).

*Meiko Satomura career retrospective video package.

*Diamond Mine preparing for their 6-man tag when Roddy starts some shit again…Ivy Nile snaps everybody back into concentration mode.

*Finn Balor approaches Bron Breakker backstage…Finn made that title the industry standard & did so by beating men twice his size…he advises Breakker not to underestimate his smaller opponent at Worlds Collide.

(2)  Katana Chance & Kayden Cater def. Ivy Nile & Tatum Paxley…retain their NXT  Women’s Tag Team Championship…Ivy is agitated by Gigi Dolin & winds up chasing Dolin & Jacy Jayne up the entryway…while Katana & Kayden hit their Neckbreaker/450 Splash combo on Paxley, Chance covers for the win (04:35)…AFTER…Katana says they intend to be fighting champions…Doudrop & Nikki ASH interrupt, issue a challenge for Worlds Collide…Katana/Kayden seem to accept.

*Kiana James office promo…says Zoey Stark had her chance & blew it…so tonight after Kiana beats Zoey, it will be a long time before Zoey gets another title shot (can’t wait until we find out who her office assistant is!).

*Joe Gacy & the Dyad backstage promo…the offer to Grimes will soon be on the table…they head to the ring & Cameron Grimes comes out to tell Gacy he doesn’t need them…things gets physical…Grimes holds his own to start but when it looks like a 3-on-1 is imminent, Gacy calls off the Dyad & let’s Grimes go.

*Roxanne Perez vignette…her friendship with Cora Jade is over, but the fight is not.

*Fit Finlay approaches Tyler Bate backstage & hands him a tablet…Butch has video called in to remind Tyler of all the hard work he’s put into earning that title…tells him to unify those titles for the memories of NXT UK, the future of NXT Europe, & do it for British Strong Style!

(3)  Pretty Deadly & Lash Legend def. Josh Briggs, Brooks Jensen, & Fallon Henley…Briggs leaves the apron to attack Gallus, who were cut off half way to the ring by security…Joe Coffey sneaks through the scrum to pull off Jensen’s own cowboy boot & blast him with it, allowing Prince to finish an O’Connor Roll for the Roll Up win (09:47).

*Mandy Rose is approached backstage by Shayna Baszler…Shayna says that if Mandy doesn’t win the unification match, all her talking for nearly a year will be garbage.

*JD McDonagh backstage with McKenzie…he would rather be a little “creepy” than emotionally fragile like Wes Lee.

(4)  Andre Chase def. Charlie Dempsey…Dempsey is taking Chase to school with a variety of submissions when Bodhi gets too close & Dempsey decides to slide out & handle him…he does so in short order…Dempsey back in, goes for a gut-wrench on Chase, but Chase rolls over uses a Leg-Capture Roll Up for the win (05:18).

*Meiko Satomura arrives & immediately crosses paths with Alba Fyre, who tells her the title looks good on her…Meiko recalls winning it from a great champion…Fyre tells her to make sure she wins on Sunday.

*Gunther crosses path with Tyler Bate backstage…says Tyler needs to bring the man that fought him for 45 minutes in Cardiff to the fight with Bron Breakker…because European wrestling depends on it.

(5)  Zoey Stark def. Kiana James…Stark hits her Tilt-A-Whirl GTS for the win (03:25)…AFTER…Kiana attempts to use her tote bag again, but the previous victim Nikkita Lyons spears Kiana then just misses with a spinning roundhouse…Kiana slides out.

*Blair Davenport backstage with McKenzie…she will unite the NXT & UK championships…Rhea Ripley interrupts, says Blair looks confident…tells her not to screw it up.

*Nathan Frazer & Axion are bonding over comic books…Frazer feels sorry for Axiom, since he doesn’t know what it’s like over in NXT UK (wink, wink)…Axiom wonders if their worlds might collide in some friendly form of competition…they settle on a best of 3 falls match.

(6)  Gallus def. Diamond Mine…Kemp is handling Mark until Roderick Strong makes his way to ringside & Kemp slides out to yell at him…just before Kemp returns, Joe makes a blind tag & when Kemp hits a spinebuster on Mark, he’s caught off guard by a Discus Lariat from Joe for the win (11:00)…AFTER…Pretty Deadly slide in & attack the Creeds…Gallus join the melee…Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen down to turn it into chaos…and if you thought things couldn’t get crazier, random members of the locker room flood the ring as well…

*Bron Breakker is watching from a monitor backstage when Ciampa approaches…Ciampa says there is a certain responsibility & passion that comes with the NXT title…Sunday Bron has a chance to add to the rich legacy of that title…WIN!

*Quincy Williams backstage promo…he’s fly-er than a reindeer in the winter & the Super Diva is coming to NXT to change the game.

*Trick Williams & Carmello Hayes interrupt a Vic Joseph stand up segment…Melo has an issue with Worlds Collide, he’s not on the card…they head to the ring to address this…he can’t believe the A-Champion has been left off this huge event…Ricochet arrives & says that Worlds Collide needs some Blue Brand on it…Trick tries a suckerpunch…Ricochet drops Trick & Melo, then holds the North American Title over his head (COME ON!!) and lays it on Melo’s chest as the show ends.



+ Bron Breakker (2.0) vs. Tyler Bate (UK) – NXT Championship Unification

+ Mandy Rose (2.0) vs. Meiko Saomura (UK) vs. Blair Davenport – Triple Threat NXT Women’s Championship Unification

+ Creed Brothers (2.0) vs. Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen (UK) vs. Gallus vs. Pretty Deadly – in a Fatal 4-Way Elimination Tag Team Championship Unification Match

+ Katana Chance & Kayden Carter (c) vs. Doudrop & Nikki ASH – for the NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship

+ Carmelo Hayes (c) vs. Ricochet – for the North American Championship

+ Axiom vs. Nathan Frazer – in a Best of 3 Falls Match (discussed but not officially announced)


NXT 2.0 PREVIEW – Sun. Sept. 6, 2022

+ no matches announced


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