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NXT 2.0 – Aug 9

NXT 2.0 – Aug 9

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NXT 2.0 Results

*Live from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, FL.

*Nikkita Lyons & Zoey Stark backstage with McKenzie…they’re excited to be in the WWE Women’s Tag Title Tournament & to have the advantage of being the unknown team…but both have business here tonight first.

(1)  Nikkita Lyons def. Kiana James…Lyons hits a Spinning Back Kick & follows with the Clam Slam for the win (04:10)…AFTER…James recovers enough to retrieve her bag of research & clobber Lyons with it from behind.

*Creeds are watching film with Apollo CrewsRoderick Strong walks in & isn’t happy with the scene…the Creeds aren’t happy with Strong for no-showing their match last week…Strong says it was a test & they passed…Strong & Crews get into it verbally & decide to fight about it later tonight.


(2)  Wes Lee def. Trick Williams in a Rounds Match…which apparently these two have decided will be a boxing match…

Round 1:  No falls…but both keep on the boxing gloves that I thought were just part of their entrance…the round ends with Lee raining body blows on Trick & Trick being “saved by the bell.”

Round 2:  Gloves are off this round…they fight to the floor & Carmelo Hayes holds Lee’s foot as he tries to slide back in, allowing Williams the time to deliver a Pump Kick to the face for the 1st fall by pinfall (00:59 of Rd. 2)…Williams 1-0.

Round 3:  No falls.

Round 4:  Carmelo Hayes loads something illegal into one glove, so Trick starts the round with only his left glove on…Lee uses a Crucifix for the Roll Up pinfall to take the 2nd fall (1:20 of Rd. 4)…Williams 1 – Lee 1…after the bell, Williams finally makes contact with Lee’s jaw & appears to knock him out between rounds.

Round 5:  Lee can barely get to his feet to start the round, as it ends Lee has the upper hand…he grabs one glove of his own & lands a right hand that’s good enough for the 3rd fall by pinfall (02:54 of Rd. 5…13:19 overall)…Lee 2-1.


*Arianna Grace is in Andre Chase’s office to complain about Thea Hail hitting her in the face with a football…Thea explains it was an accident, she was playing catch with Bodhi…both ladies will debut tonight & settle their beef in the ring.

*Carmelo Hayes is still in the ring…pats himself on the back for beating Nathan Frazer last week…Frazer’s music plays, but it’s really Giovanni Vinci who shows up in the ring behind Melo to surprise him with a challenge for Heatwave…Melo accepts & takes a swipe…both men miss a few strikes & refs separate them.

*Lash Legend continues boring Malik Blade (& now Edris Enofi) to tears backstage.

(3)  Arianna Grace def. Thea Hail…Grace delivers the Wasteland (fireman’s carry flip slam) for the win (03:50).

*Solo Sikoa in the trainer’s room, finding out he’ll miss 4-6 weeks with a sprained PCL…Cameron Grimes congratulates him on his win last week…which means a lot to Sikoa.

(4)  Apollo Crews def. Roderick Strong…after a fantastic back & forth match, Crews uses the 1-arm Spinebuster for the win (15:27).

*Lash Legend still boring Malik Blade & Edris Enofi when they remind her she lost to Alba Fyre & Lash gets offended…Pretty Deadly interrupt, they’ll make it up to Lash by beating Blade & Enofe in the ring tonight.

*Sanga, Valentina Feroz, & Yulisa Leon are chatting backstage when Katana Chance & Kayden Carter approach…Katana & Kayden respect them & look forward to defending the titles against them in the future…Sanga says next week he will help Feroz & Leon find balance.

*Creeds & Damon Kemp are watching film when Roderick Strong walks in & chews them out for not being ringside for his match…Brutus says it was a test…he passed.

*Tony D’Angelo & Santos Escobar have their “Final Accord”…Santos offers his hand…Tony refuses, tells him to sit down…they both realize their arrangement isn’t working…Santos offers a solution…one more match…if Santos wins, Legado is free…if Santos loses, he leaves NXT forever…Tony makes it a Street Fight & they shake on it.

*Tiffany Stratton walks into her private dressing room where Wendy Choo is waiting to turn the lights out & use night-vision goggles to dish out a beating…Choo stands over the fallen Stratton & tells her, “this isn’t over.”

(5)  Pretty Deadly def. Malik Blade & Edris Enofe…Prince slides a chair in the ring to Wilson, but before he can use it Josh Briggs takes it away…when Enofe charges Wilson, Wilson steps aside & Enofe runs into the chair Briggs is still holding, knocking Briggs off the apron into Brooks Jensen…Spilt Milk on Enofe, Prince covers for the win (04:38)…AFTER…Lash Legend attacks Fallon Henley.

*Cameron Grimes is walking backstage when Javier Bernal teases Grimes about getting knocked over last week during the Wagner/Sikoa Street Fight…Grimes takes a step towards Bernal, but a member of security calms him down…Joe Gacy & the Schism approach…Gacy asks where Grimes is going…Grimes says, “Home”…Gacy asks, “To who?”…Grimes walks out.

*Toxic Atrraction vignette…they’re ready to rebel…they live the rock star life.

*Apollo Crews backstage with McKenzie…Grayson Waller interrupts, says Crews is not welcome in the locker room…Apollo is ready for a fight right now…Waller walks off.

*Mandy Rose joins commentary for the main event…Wade Barrett is giddy.

(6)  Zoey Stark def. Cora Jade…Cora grabs a kendo stick right in front of the ref & takes a big swing but misses…later Cora looks to the corner for the kendo stick again & is distracted when she finds it in the hands of Roxanne Perez at ringside…Cora walks into a superkick from Zoey…Zoey follows with the Tilt-A-Whirl GTS for the win (11:06)…AFTER…Roxy chases Cora Jade backstage with the kendo stick…Mandy Rose sneaks in behind Zoey, but Zoey catches her in time to avoid the attack & land a Tilt-A-Whirl GTS on Mandy…the show ends with Zoey holding Mandy’s title over her head.


NXT 2.0 HEAT WAVE PREVIEW – August 16, 2022

+ Bron Breakker (c) vs. JD McDonagh – for the NXT Championship

+ Mandy Rose (c) vs. Zoey Stark – for the NXT Women’s Championship

+ Carmelo Hayes (c) vs. Giovanni Vinci – for the North American Championship

+ Santos Escobar vs. Tony D’Angelo – Street Fight (Tony win = Santos leaves NXT forever / Santos win = Legado is free from D’Angelo Family)


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