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NXT 2.0 – July 19

NXT 2.0 – July 19

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NXT 2.0 Results

*Live from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, FL.

(1)  JD McDonagh def. Cameron Grimes…Grimes gets distracted by Joe Gacy on the riser in the crowd…later, Grimes gets a leg caught between two ropes & McDonagh goes to town with kicks on the apron’s edge to take away the Cave In…back in the ring McDonagh hits the Devlin’Side for the win (13:25).

*Nikkita Lyons backstage promo…after she wins the battle royal tonight, Mandy can’t duck her any longer.

*Tiffany Stratton backstage promo…she’s the only woman deserving of a title shot (OBVI!)…but, whatever, she’ll just win the battle royal anyway.

*Cora Jade to the ring…she’s the face of the women’s division & has been for the last year…she brought Roxy in & the fans shifted their attention to her…Roxy is selfish, so it felt good to stab her in the back…Cora plans to win the battle royal…and drops her NXT Women’s Tag Title in the ringside garbage can.

*Xyon Quinn backstage with McKenzie…he takes on Apollo Crews next week…and the X-factor will be on full display.

*Indi Hartwell backstage promo…says this women’s division is every woman for herself, so she knows what she needs to do to win this battle royal.

(2)  Roderick Strong def. Damon Kemp…a distraction on the ‘tron when Tony D’Angelo & family are seen putting the boots to the Creeds backstage allows Strong to hit a Jumping Knee to Kemp’s face for the win (05:55).

*Pretty Deadly are ready for their title shot…they’ve got cowboy hats!…meanwhile Briggs & Jensen are psyching themselves up to deliver a country ass-whoopin’.

*Roderick Strong chews out the Creeds for allowing themselves to get jumped…then Damon Kemp for taking too long to join them backstage…says Tony D may have started this, but Diamond Mine is going to finish it.

(3)  Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen def. Pretty Deadly…retain their NXT UK Tag Team Championship…Prince passes one tag belt to Wilson & the other to Briggs, but right in front of the ref…the ref takes the belt away from Briggs…Wilson winds up with the other but Fallon Henley grabs it…tug of war until the ref sees it & takes the that belt away as well…Briggs & Jensen hit a Hi/Lo on Wilson, Briggs covers for the win (11:34).

*Joe Gacy unveils the Dyad…they are Jagger Reid & Rip Fowler (Drake & Gibson)…they’re the first to be unshackled by Gacy, but won’t be the last.

*Bron Breakker walks through the parking lot looking for JD McDonagh.

*Wes Lee backstage with McKenzie…not done with Trick Williams just yet, but right now it’s Grayson Waller’s turn…he gets taken care of next week.

*Bron Breakker to the ring…he’s angry with JD McDonagh, who appears on the ‘tron…McDonagh has been studying Breakker & knows exactly how to dissect that injured shoulder…a “necessary evil” has arrived in NXT.

*Von Wagner attacked Solo Sikoa on the street last Friday…Wagner brags that he put the “Street Champ” on his ass.

*Diamond Mine backstage with McKenzie…Tony D’Angelo & his family are nowhere near as strong as Diamond Mine…Creeds say Tony accepts their challenge & takes a beating…or declines it & takes the beating anyway once they hunt him down.

(4)  Axiom def. Dante Chen…Axiom lands a Jumping Side Kick to Chen’s jaw for the win (03:00).

*Lash Legend backstage promo…the top 20 women will be in the ring for the battle royal, but it’s clear who is #1.

*Giovanni Vinci takes a selfie of himself for a fan, but won’t take one with a fan…no way…the Chase U bus has Vinci blocked in.

*Carmelo Hayes & Trick Williams are hanging in the Barber Shop…Solo Sikoa, Von Wagner, Giovanni Vinci, Apollo Crews…they all want a shot at the A-champ, but none of them are on his level.

*Toxic Attraction backstage with McKenzie…Mandy says Tatum Paxley will win the battle royal…but only because she’s the first name that came to mind…Ivy Nile interrupts & doesn’t like Mandy’s dismissive attitude…Kiana James says her brains will beat Nile’s muscles…Alba Fyre says she’ll burn the Toxic Empire to the ground.

*Cameron Grimes snaps at a cameraman who asks about his match…Joe Gacy approaches, he knows what Grimes is going through…Grimes wants nothing to do with him & walks away…NOT NOW!!

*Tony D’Angelo & family backstage with McKenzie…Tony says the Diamond Mine needs a dojo because they can’t fight on the streets…they accept the challenge.

(5)  Zoey Stark wins the 20-WOMAN #1 CONTENDER BATTLE ROYAL…Final Four: Tiffany Stratton, Kiana James, Nikkita Lyons, Zoey Stark…Lyons eliminates Kiana James after a spinning roundhouse & toss over the top rope…Stratton quickly dumps Nikkita Lyons over the top rope as she’s admiring her work…Starks eliminates Tiffany Stratton with a flip over the ropes & elbow smash to knock her off the apron…Starks believes she has won…but Cora Jade, who was chased backstage early on by Ivy Nile, but never eliminated, slides in & charges Stark…Zoey Stark sees her just in time to dip a shoulder & send Cora Jade sailing over the top rope & to the floor for the win (13:17)…as a result, Zoey has earned a shot at Mandy & the NXT Women’s Championship.


NXT 2.0 PREVIEW – July 19, 2022

+ Apollo Crews vs. Xyon Quinn

+ Wes Lee vs. Grayson Waller

+ Diamond Mine vs. Tony D’Angelo Family


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