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NXT 2.0 – May 17

NXT 2.0 – May 17

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NXT 2.0 Results

*Live the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, FL.

(1)  Cameron Grimes & Solo Sikoa defeat Carmelo Hayes & Trick Williams…Grimes hits the Cave In on Trick to take him out of the picture…Sikoa lands an Uso Splash on Melo for the win (10:07)…AFTER…Sikoa hands Grimes back his North American title & reminds him that he’s “got next.”

*Pretty Deadly backstage with McKenzie…they pretend to be afraid of the Creeds…but they’ve already beaten them, so they’re actually not scared at all.

*Thea Hail (fka Maddie Knisley) vignette…this 18 year old from Pittsburgh is headed to train at the PC after she graduates high school next week.

(2)  Women’s Breakout Tournament: Lash Legend defeats Tatum Paxley…Paxley fails to get Lash up in the electric chair after Lash worked on her legs…Lash counters with a Big Boot to the face for the win (03:52).

*Tony D’Angelo backstage promo…he tells his boys that tonight he beats Santos alone.

*Vic Joseph & Wade Barrett announce NXT 2.0 are hitting the road & coming to your city this summer…well, if you live in Florida (8 dates listed).

*Duke Hudson backstage with McKenzie…Bron Breakker interrupts, walking through the shot, & is apparently headed out for a chat with the Universe…

*Bron Breakker to the ring…as far as the offer on the table, Breakker tells Gacy to kiss his ass…Joe Gacy interrupts from the riser…they’ll go at it again at In Your House…but if Bron loses his cool & gets DQ’ed he will lose his title.

*Indi Hartwell backstage promo…after Mandy Rose made fun of her broken heart last week, Indi challenges the champ to meet her in the ring.

*Wes Lee backstage with McKenzie…Xyon Quinn not medically cleared for their match tonight…Nathan Frazer interrupts & offers to step in to face Lee.

(3)  Viking Raiders defeat Creed Brothers…Julius stops Roderick Strong from interfering this week, but turns around into a 2-man Powerbomb by the Raiders…Erik covers for the win (12:47)…AFTER…Diamond Mine can’t seem to get along.

*Santos Escobar says he’ll face Tony 1-on1 tonight…but Del Toro wants revenge on Tony & Co…Elektra Lopez reminds him not to let emotions get in the way of business.

*Bron Breakker approached on his way to the car for an interview…Duke Hudson interrupts, returning the favor from earlier…Bron says they should settle things in the ring…Hudson agrees…but maybe next week.

(4)  Grayson Waller defeats Andre Chase…Chase sends Waller to the floor, crashing into Bodhi…Chase checks on Bodhi then rolls back in…but he’s just in time to get caught by Waller’s rolling Stunner for the win (04:14).

*Toxic Attraction backstage…Mandy’s not pleased with what Indi had to say earlier…Gigi & Jacy aren’t pleased with Carter & Chance’s comments during an online exclusive…they intend to get some respect.

*Diamond Mine still arguing in the locker room…Pretty Deadly approach Roddy after the Creeds walk off…Roddy proposes he teams with Damon Kemp to face them next week.

(5)  Women’s Breakout Tournament: Roxanne Perez defeats Kiana James…Perez leapfrogs Kiana’s corner charge & delivers Pop Rox (Code Red) out of the corner for the win (05:16).

*Edris Enofe & Malik Blade are goofing on the Tony D/Santos feud backstage when Troy “Two Dimes” Donovan & Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo approach & take issue with the foolishness…the Goombas propose a match next week…Enofe & Blade accept.

*Roxanne Perez backstage with McKenzie when Cora Jade interrupts to give her a congratulatory hug…Elektra Lopez interrupts to remind these ladies that tonight is about Legado…just like it will be again next week will be when she takes on Alba Fyre.

(6)  Wes Lee vs. Nathan Frazer ends in a NO CONTEST…when Von Wagner interrupts the match & takes out both men…ending the segment by tossing Wes Lee from the ring to the announce desk (04:23).

*Wes Lee & Nathan Frazer run into Sanga backstage…Lee, who still has a case of the red ass, takes offense to Sanga’s comments…Frazer walks away, unfazed…Lee challenges Sanga.

(7)  Santos Escobar defeats Tony D’Angelo…Tony goes looking for his crowbar, but Wilde & Del Toro apparently swiped it earlier…while Tony’s thugs jump Legado in the aisle, Santos goes for his hidden “helper”…a set of brass knuckles…Escobar lands a right hand on Tony’s jaw for the win (12:50)…AFTER…

*Joe Gacy promo…Bron’s lack of control will deliver to Gacy control of the championship, the brand, & the world.


NXT 2.0 PREVIEW – May 24, 2022

+ Bron Breakker vs. Duke Hudson

+ Mandy Rose vs. Indi Hartwell (non-title)

*Several more matches were proposed, accepted, &/or talked about but not announced as “official” yet:

+ Pretty Deadly vs. Roderick Strong & Damon Kemp

+ Edris Enofe & Malik Blade vs. Troy “Two Dimes” Donovan & Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo

+ Elektra Lopez vs. Alba Fyre

+ Wes Lee vs. Sanga


NXT 2.0 IN YOUR HOUSE – PREVIEW – June 4, 2022

+ Bron Breakker (c) vs. Joe Gacy- for the NXT Championship (Bron can lose the title by DQ)

+ Cameron Grimes (c) vs. Carmelo Hayes – for the North American Championship

+ Pretty Deadly (c) vs. Creed Brothers – for the NXT Tag Team Championship


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