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NXT UK – April 28

NXT UK – April 28

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NXT UK Results

*Emanating from BT Sport Studios in Stratford, London.

(1)  Mark Andrews & Wild Boar defeat T-Bone & Primate…Andrews hits Fall to Pieces on T-Bone for the win (07:27)…AFTER…Wild Boar chases Eddie Dennis around & out of the arena with the steel chain.

*Robert Stone promo…this is Von Wagner’s world, you’re just living in it.

*Mustache Mountain arrive & are met with questions about the ending of their match last week…Seven tries to move immediately past them…Bate is clearly still uneasy about it.

*Sid Scala interview interrupted by Eddie Dennis, still fleeing Wild Boar…Scala informs Dennis that he’ll be facing Boar, with the rest of Symbiosis barred from ringside, in a Dog Collar Match…Wild Boar comes screaming around the corner & Dennis resumes running for his life.

(2)  Xia Brookside defeats Angel Hayze…Hayze hits a standing switch & takes Brookside to the ropes for a back roll up…Brookside kicks out sending, Hayze to the rope where she forearm shivers Eliza Alexander off the apron…Brookside uses the distraction to hit a Schoolgirl Roll Up for the win (05:06)…AFTER…Alexander & Brookside attack Hayze…Amale down for the save…Alexander & Brookside quickly bail.

*A-Kid approaches Charlie Dempsey during a workout…A-Kid wants a rematch & he’s confident that “there is something about (Dempsey’s) heritage” that will make him say yes.

*Sid Scala introduces the UK Universe to Damon KempJohnny Saint arrives & welcomes Kemp as well.

(3)  Von Wagner defeats Saxon Huxley…Wagner catches Huxley cross-body attempt, powers him into a fireman’s carry, & delivers his Neckbreaker/Death Valley Driver for the win (04:06)…AFTER…Wagner grabs the mic…it’s his world, we’re just living in it.

*Gallus holds a press conference to assure us they’re united & stronger than ever…they end things with a 3-way handshake.

*Tiger Turan debuts next week.

*Meiko Satomura/Isla Dawn video package…their “World of Darkness” match is next week.

*Lash Legend will appear on Sprnva Sessions next week.

*Johnny Saint & Sid Scala are in the ring for the Contract Signing…Jordan Devlin joins them…Ilja Dragunov follows…both men are thoroughly confident, so Dragunov raises the stakes…proposes a Loser Leaves NXT UK Match…Devlin accepts…both men sign…Devlin goes for a headbutt that Ilja dodges, delivers one of his own, & fight is on…Dragunov moves the table to the corner & sets up for Torpedo Moscow but Devlin uses Scala as a human shield…the moment Dragunov hesitates, Devlin lands a headbutt & uses DevlinSide to put Dragunov through the table…Devlin grabs the title & holds it high.


NXT  UK PREVIEW – May 5, 2022

+ Meiko Satomura (c) vs. Isla Dawn – World of Darkness Match for the NXT UK Women’s Championship

+ Tiger Turan debuts

+ Sprnva Sessions with Special Guest, Lash Legend


NXT  UK PREVIEW – May 12, 2022 – SPECIAL 200th Episode!

+ Ilja Dragunov (c) vs. Jordan Devlin – Losers Leaves NXT UK Match for the NXT UK Championship


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