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NXT UK – March 24 and 31

NXT UK – March 24 and 31

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NXT UK March 24 Results

Rohan Raja and Charlie Dempsey defeats A-Kid and Saxon Huxley – 08:22

  • Teoman interferred pushing A-Kid off the ropes and Raja used his leaping face buster to get the pinfall victory.

Amale and Xia Brookside

  • Xia Brookside says she would love to have a rematch. Amale says she’ll see what she can do.
  • Brookside then gets on the phone and says “Hey Daddy. It’s time.”

Wild Boar defeats T-Bone – 04:37

  • Wild Boar used a big DDT for the pinfall victory.
  • After the match, Wild Boar chased Dennis out of the studio.

Ilja Dragunov Addresses Roderick Strong’s Challenge

  • He accepts the challenge from Strong.

Kenny Williams Interviewed

  • We see that someone is messing with Williams. Someone stole his keys and took the wheels off his car.

Jordan Devlin defeats Danny Jones – 04:42

  • Devlin used a brain buster to get the pinfall over Danny Jones.

Meiko Satomura defeats Isla Dawn – 07:59

  • Meiko Satomura got creative with a roll up to earn the pinfall victory.
  • Isla Dawn stole Meiko’s title after the match.

NXT UK March 24 Results

Xia Brookside defeats Amale – 05:51

  • With the referee distracted, someone from the crowd attacked Amale.
  • Back in the ring, Brookside used Broken Wings to get the pinfall victory.

Isla Dawn Video Package

  • She has Meiko’s belt. Dawn says that the bond between the belt and Meiko seems quite strong.
  • Apparently there is something that Dawn wants from Meiko. If Satomura wants her belt back, she’ll have to listen to Dawn’s demands.

Trent Seven defeats Ashton Smith – 08:52

  • Seven rolled up Smith and grabbed the ropes. Tyler Bates reacted poorly, so Seven let go of the ropes. Moments later, Seven rolled up Smith and hooked the tights to get the pinfall victory. Tyler looked flabbergasted.

A-Kid Interviewed

  • He can’t let Teoman get away what he did to him, Huxley, and Charlie Dempsey.

Smith and Carter Backstage with Seven and Bate

  • Sid Scala says they’ll have a discussion about their unresolved issues in his office next week.
  • Bate is disappointed, but Seven seems to make him understand.

Tate Mayfairs defeats Kenny Williams – 05:42

  • Williams hit his front facing DDT move, but he pulled Mayfarirs up before the pin. Kenny then tossed Mayfairs out of the ring, and Mayfairs crawled under the ring.
  • When Williams pursued Mayfairs under the ring, Williams came face to face with Sam Gradwell.
  • Gradwell blocked Williams from getting back in the ring. That led to Williams getting counted out.

Wolfgang Interviewen Backstage

  • Teoman, Dempsey, and Raja come by. . . Wolfgang cuts them off . . . says he’s ready for a fight and doesn’t need a reason. Seems that Dempsey feels the same way.

Andy Shepard Sits Down with Ilja Dragunov and Roderick Strong

  • Dragunov puts Roderick Strong over. Says Strong is inspiring.
  • Strong says he sees a lot of himself in Dragunov . . . and that’s inspiring.
  • Dragunov says Strong respects him, but Strong doesn’t know him.
  • Strong says, “nothing hurts him more than saying I WAS champion.”

Noam Dar defeats Mark Coffey – NXT UK Heritage Cup Championship – 12:38

  • Round 1 – No falls in the first round.
  • Round 2 – Noam Dar used an inside cradle to get a fall in the second round.
  • Round 3 – Mark Coffey used a high kick to get a pinfall in the third round. All tied up 1-1.
  • Round 4 – No falls in the fourth round.
  • Round 5 – Mark Coffey had Dar in trouble, but Sha Samuels jumped on the apron. Joe Coffey tried to run Samuels off, but the skirmish ended up in the ring. Mark broke the hold to talk to Joe. Dar hit the Nova Roller to get the pinfall.

April 7th NXT UK Preview

  • Roderick Strong v. Ilja Dragunov – NXT UK Championship.
  • Charlie Dempsey v. Wolfgang
  • Trent Seven, Tyler Bate, Oliver Carter, Ashton Smith meet with Sid Scala

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