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Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport 8 – March 31

Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport 8 – March 31

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Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport 8 Results

This is show number 2 of 12 of the GCW Collective. Here are the results from some of the other shows.

Lenny Leonard and Rocky Romero are on commentary. Things were pretty heated between Suzuki and Dickinson during match introductions.

Masha Slamovich defeats Janai Kai – 04:36

  • Slamovich used a cross arm breaker for the submission.

Ninja Mack defeats Yoya – 06:05

  • Ninja Mack immediately removed his mask upon entering the ring. Huge pop from the crowd.
  • Mack caught Yoya with 540 kick which knocked Yoya out. Referee Stop!

Bad Dude Tito v. Royce Isaacs – 05:36

  • Isaacs earned the submission with a front face lock combined with a leg scissors trap.

Alex Coughlin defeats Slade – 03:32

  • Coughlin used a rear naked choke to put Slade to sleep. Alex wins by referee stop.

John Hennigan defeats Simon Gotch – 05:57

  • Hennigan is immediately renamed to Johnny Bloodsport.
  • Hennigan put Gotch to sleep with a front face lock on the mat.

Marina Shafir defeats Zeda Zhang – 08:03

  • Shafir used a leg and arm choke combined with an armbar to secure the submission.

JR Kratos defeats Timothy Thatcher – 09:22

  • Kratos used a big piledriver followed by a big forearm drop for the referee stop.

Yuya Uemura defeats Mike Bailey – 07:06

  • Uemura used a cross arm breaker to get the submission.

Josh Barnett defeats Jonah – 08:48

  • Barnett cinched in a nasty heel hook and Jonah tapped out.

John Moxley defeats Biff Busick – 10:01

  • This was extra bloody. Busick didn’t give up after a death rider. He didn’t give up to the bulldog choke, but the referee called the match after Moxley hit the Psycho knee.

Chris Dickinson defeatsΒ Minoru Suzuki – 09:45

  • Chris Dickinson got Suzuki down on the mat and started reigning down elbow strikes. When Suzuki stopped defending himself, the referee stopped the match.

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