Minutes to Bell Time

October 28th NXT UK

October 28th NXT UK

NXT UK Results

Mark Coffey defeats Rohan Raja – 05:54

  • Mark Coffey hit a running European uppercut to Raja for the pinfall.
  • After the match, Teoman and Raja attack Wolfgang.

Sid Scala Announces a Three Way Tag Team Match to Determine #1 Contenders to Pretty Deadly

  • Carter/Smith, Starz/Mastiff, and Symbiosis

Charlie Dempsey Promo

  • Dempsey assumes his match will be great.
  • Wolfgang and Mark Coffey interrupt the promo. Dempsey is ticked off that Gallus interrupted the promo.

Amale defeats Myla Grace – 03:47

  • Amale used a code breaker to get the pinfall victory.
  • Blair Davenport watched the match from the stage.

Aleah James Talks About Her Win Over Xia Brookside

  • Nina Samuels takes over the interview.
  • James walks off.

Flash Morgan Webster Attempts to Attack Rampage Brown

  • Brown stops Webster in his tracks, and Brown says Webster can have a match.

Charlie Dempsey defeats Danny Jones – 04:52

  • Dempsey used a combination hammerlock and choke for the submission victory.

Isla Dawn Video Package

  • Very odd

Noam Dar defeats Tyler Bate – NXT UK Heritage Cup Match – 17:32

  • No falls in the first round.
  • No falls in the second round.
  • Noam Dar hit the Nova Roller to get a pinfall in the third round. Dar is up 1-0.
  • Bate hit the Tyler Driver for a pinfall in the fourth round. We’re tied up at 1-1.
  • No falls in the fifth round
  • In the sixth round, Pretty Deadly came to ringside. They pulled Trent Seven’s towel off his shoulder. As Trent struggled to get the towel back, he tossed it into the ring. The referee considered this a submission. Dar wins 2-1
  • Noam Dar is the Heritage Cup Champion.


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