Minutes to Bell Time

October 28th Impact

October 28th Impact

Impact Results

(BTI)  VSK defeats Sam Beale…Brainbuster for the win (06:51)Brian Myers & Zicky Dice slide in to punish Beale…Rich Swann & Willie Mack make the save.

*Moose to the ring…before he can speak, Eddie Edwards sprints down & attacks, they brawl up the ramp…security eventually pulls them apart & Moose heads back to the ring…he admits he’s done terrible things to get where he is…he not-so-subtly references just about every champion in the business (man & woman) & tells us he’s the best of them all…Josh Alexander attacks…Moose escapes through the crowd…Minoru Suzuki’s music begins…he makes his way to the ring & gets face to face with Josh…when Josh turns his attention back to Moose in the crowd, Suzuki is offended & starts throwing forearm shots…security floods the ring to get between the two very quickly.

*Moose backstage with Gia…he can handle the huge target on his back…Matt Cardona interrupts, congratulates him (kinda)…& is looking forward to being in the ring with Moose again, this time with that title on the line…Moose takes a swing & security swoops in.

(1)  Trey Miguel defeats Rocky Romero…retains his X-Division Championship…Top Buckle Meteora for the win (12:46)…AFTER…Steve Maclin attacks…ties Trey to the tree of woe, delivers a nasty spear.

*Jordynne Grace (& Rachael Ellering) backstage with Gia…Tasha Steelz (& Savannah Evans) interrupts, talks trash…Jordynne not interested in talk, see you in the ring.

*Steve Maclin backstage…no one has beaten him & he wants, deserves that X-Division title…Scott D’Amore doesn’t like people talking about what they “deserve,” but will give Maclin a chance to earn a shot next week…Matt Cardona & Eddie Edwards both want Moose…Scott says Josh should get first crack at Moose, so Josh, Eddie, & Cardona will face Moose + 2 partners (if he’s got anyone left who would join him)…just down the hall, Josh Alexander is throttling ref Brian Hebner for starting the match with Josh’s family still in the ring at Bound for Glory…Scott gets Josh to let go, agrees Hebner messed up, & begs Josh to get his emotions in check.

(2)  Rachael Ellering defeats Tasha Steelz…Backslide for the win (05:09).

*W. Morrissey backstage…he’s OK with Moose ending their alliance because now Moose is the champ & Morrissey wants that title…Moose interrupts, he warned Morrissey he would screw him the first chance he got if the title was on the line…but if he helps Moose take care of Eddie & Cardona, Morrissey will get the first shot at the title…Morrissey agrees.

*The IInspiration backstage with Gia…they’re here to inspire the Knockouts division…go figure.

(3)  Heath vs. Joe Doering…ends in a NO CONTEST…Deaner trips Heath from outside…Rhino attacks Deaner & they spill into the ring, eventually causing the ref to lose control & call for the bell (03:16)…AFTER…VBD use the 3-on-2 advantage with a now healthy Eric Young to beat down Heath & Rhino…Heath takes a piledriver from EY.

*Good Brothers backstage…still the champs…FinJuice interrupt, they had the match won at BFG & the Good Brothers have never beaten them…Good Brothers tell them they have to earn another shot at the titles.

*The Demon backstage with Gia…Swinger interrupts, he’s still pissed about D’Amore shutting down Swinger’s Palace…Crazzy Steve & Black Taurus show up, Swinger wants no part of that…Demon says he came to Impact because clearly demons are welcome here.

*Mickie James to the ring…thanks Deonna for the match of her life…she knows Deonna has a rematch, but no one has seen her since BFG…that’s OK, because there’s plenty of great competition in the Knockouts division…Madison Rayne interrupts, reminds everyone about all she’s done for this division…challenges Mickie for a match next week…Mickie accepts…Kaleb has some words for Mickie…she slaps the taste out of his mouth.

*Moose & Morrissey backstage…Gia asks if they’ve found their third man…they’re working on it…the two approach Minoru Suzuki & it looks like he’s in!

(4)  Ace Austin defeats Chris Sabin…Ace pulls the ref in close to distract…Madman Fulton reaches in the ring from outside & yanks Sabin into the ropes, throat first…Ace follows quickly with the Fold for the win (17:50).


iMPACT! PREVIEW – November 2, 2021

+ John Skyler vs. Chelsea Green – #1 Contender Match for the Digital Media Championship


iMPACT! PREVIEW – November 4, 2021

+ Mickie James (c) vs. Madison Rayne – for the Knockouts Championship

+ Rohit Raju vs. Steve Maclin vs. Laredo Kid vs. Black Taurus – #1 Contender Match for the X-Division Championship

+ Moose/W. Morrissey/Minoru Suzuki vs. Josh Alexander/Eddie Edwards/Matt Cardona



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