Minutes to Bell Time

October 29th AEW Rampage

October 29th AEW Rampage

AEW Rampage Results

(1)  World Title Eliminator: Bryan Danielson defeats Eddie Kingston…Danielson locks in the Head & Arm Triangle…Kingston defiantly flips Danielson off as he fades to unconsciousness for the submission win for Danielson (16:23)…AFTER…Danielson is too exhausted to stand & celebrate his advancement to the Finals at Full Gear.

*We see footage from during the commercial of Bryan Danielson offering a post-match handshake to Eddie Kingston…Kingston ignores the offer & storms off.

*CM Punk backstage with Tony…Eddie Kingston can be heard off camera chewing out (presumably) the ref for calling for the bell in his match when he did not verbally submit…the commotion interrupts Punk & Tony, who turn their attention to Kingston…Kingston doesn’t like Punk smiling at him & the two exchange unpleasantries…Punk threatens to put him to sleep again just before refs & wrestlers pull Kingston away & try in vain to calm him down.

(2)  Dante Martin defeats Matt Sydal…Dante hits a Double Springboard Moonsault for the win (11:00)…AFTER…Dante celebrates finally scoring a win over Sydal with his new mentor, Lio Rush.

*Britt Baker & Abadon split screen interview with Mark Henry…surprisingly, Abadon doesn’t have much to say…Britt brought two zombies with her (Rebel & Hayter)…Abadon disappears from screen & puts a fright into Britt…it’s time for the main event!

(3)  Britt Baker defeats Abadon…TRICK OR TREAT (No DQ) Match…Britt hits a Curb Stomp with a steel chair around Abadon’s neck, but she sits back up…Britt stuffs thumbtacks into Abadon’s mouth, delivers a Superkick, & puts on her glove for the Lockjaw…but Britt rethinks her plan when she looks into Abadon’s mouth…Rebel & Hayter get involved, leading to Britt hitting a roll up into the tacks for the win (11:17).


AEW  DYNAMITE PREVIEW – November 3, 2021

+ World Title Eliminator: Orange Cassidy vs. Jon Moxley

+ Cody Rhodes vs. Andrade El Ídolo

+ TBS Championship Tournament: Anna Jay vs. Jamie Hayter


AEW  RAMPAGE PREVIEW – November 5, 2021

+ TBS Championship Tournament: The Bunny vs. Red Velvet

+ John Silver vs. Adam Cole



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