Minutes to Bell Time

October 29th Smackdown

October 29th Smackdown

Smackdown Results

*Charlotte to the ring…she’s the leader this lockerroom needed…Sasha Banks interrupts, where’s her title shot…Charlotte thinks it’s time for a new face in the title picture…Shotzi interrupts, says there’s someone you’ve never faced right here…Charlotte seems on board, says Shotzi can have her match.

(1)  Charlotte defeats Shotzi…in a CHAMPIONSHIP CONTENDER’S match…Sasha on the apron is just enough of a distraction to let Charlotte deliver a forearm to Shotzi’s face & hit Natural Selection for the win (11:31)…AFTER…Shotzi blames Sasha & attacks…sends Sasha to the floor with a running knee & proceeds to bounce her off the tank…rolls Sasha back in & Shotzi hits her top buckle senton.

*Jeff Hardy backstage with Kayla…Corbin & Madcap Moss interrupt…Moss tells another awful joke & they bounce…utterly pointless segment.

*Postman Pearce from (seemingly) his home study…in addition to the suspension, Brock Lesnar will be fined $1 million.

*Paul Heyman approached by Kayla backstage…she asks how Brock will respond to the new fine…Heyman gets a little too excited in his response as if he were still advocating for Lesnar, but catches himself…then tells Kayla to leave him alone.

(2)  Drew McIntyre defeats Mustafa Ali…Drew misses with a Claymore…Ali goes for a tornado DDT, but Drew powers to a stop, takes Ali down & transitions to a Kimura for the submission win (02:00)…AFTER…Ali grabs a mic…he believes the people choose to root against him because his name is Mustafa Ali.

*King Woods & Kofi cross paths with Hit Row backstage…respect is shown for the benevolent King.

*Xia Li coming soon!

*King Wood (& Kofi) to the ring for the Knighting Ceremony…Kofi bends the knee & rises Sir Kofi Kingston, the Hand of the King…Kofi even gets a pin as Hand of the King which, you guessed it, is a unicorn…the Usos interrupt, they have some unpleasant words for Kofi/Woods…the King declares a Trial by Combat for later tonight…Jimmy punches Kofi before the Usos bail.

(3)  Happy Corbin & Madcap Moss defeat Shinsuke Nakamura & Rick Boogs…in a TRICK OR STREET FIGHT…the 24/7 Division makes a brief appearance, but no harm done…later, two masked figures blast Boogs with kendo sticks leading to Moss (who scored a 7 on the Wonderlic Test) delivering a neckbreaker to Boogs onto a pumpkin for the win (10:18)…AFTER…the masked men reveal themselves to be Humberto Carillo & Angel Garza.

*Sonya backstage with Megan Morant…she’s asked if she stacked the deck against Naomi by making her face Shayna Baszler later tonight…Sami Zayn interrupts, says Sonya needs an “elder statesman” like him in her corner going forward…Naomi’s entrance cuts the segment short…but there’s no ref available, so Sonya makes her way out & decides that she will be filling in…

(4)  Shayna Baszler defeats Naomi…Naomi botches a springboard re-entry, but quickly recovers with a step up Enzuigiri & goes for a cover, but Sonya won’t count…Shayna rolls over & reverses the pin cover & Sonya quick-counts Shayna to the win (01:13)…AFTER…Naomi gets in Sonya’s face but Shayna locks in the Kirifuda Clutch & puts Naomi to sleep.

*Naomi backstage with Megan…Naomi says if Sonya ever puts away her corporate suit, she’ll be waiting…and if Shayna ever wants a fair fight, she’ll be seeing Namoi’s rear view.

(5)  King Woods & Sir Kofi defeat The Usos…NON-TITLE…Woods makes a blind tag…Jimmy delivers a Superkick to Kofi & goes for the cover but Woods is the legal man…Woods rolls Jimmy up for the win (10:34)…AFTER…the King & his Hand celebrate as the show ends.



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