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Raw – April 18

Raw – April 18

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Raw Results

*Live from Buffalo, NY.

*Seth Rollins to the ring…invites Cody Rhodes to join him, Cody obliges…Seth informs Cody that he’s the flavor of the month, whereas Seth is the future of the industry…the crowd is firmly behind Cody, which is driving Seth nuts…Seth proposes he choose a surprise opponent for Cody tonight…Cody accepts.

(1)  Sasha Banks & Naomi defeat Rhea Ripley & Liv Morgan…retain their WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship…the champs use a Code Breaker/Bubba Bomb combo on Ripley & Sasha flips into a jackknife cover for the win (07:30)…AFTER…Rhea screams at Liv & attacks when Liv turns her back…Rhea hits the Riptide on Liv before storming off.

*Rhea is approached backstage by Sarah & asked why she attacked Liv…Rhea says she doesn’t owe anyone an explanation.

*Sonya Deville to the ring…says her swerve on Bianca was just business…Bianca Belair interrupts in a huff, but Sonya quickly reminds Bianca not to touch her while in her role as an official…Bianca wants a fight, so she suggests they have their match right now…Sonya says she would rather take the title next week in Bianca’s hometown of Knoxville…Bianca scoops Sonya up for the KOD but tosses her down when Sonya threatens a fine, suspension, & stripping her of the title.

(2)  Veer Mahaan defeats Jeff Brooks…Mahaan uses the Cervical Clutch for the immediate submission win (01:11)…AFTER…Mahaan return to the hold until refs pull him off.

*Sonya approaches Adam Pearce backstage, wants Bianca punished…Pearce says Bianca has already been fined but Sonya needs to worry about her own actions, as the “higher ups” are looking into her recent behavior…Bianca Belair approaches & pays off her fine…$1.

*Kevin Owens Show…with special assistant Chad Gable to administer the lie detector test to Ezekiel…KO is apoplectic when Ezekiel passes the lie detector test & KO eventually walks off in disgust…Chad attacks from behind as we go to commercial…

(3)  Ezekiel defeats Chad Gable by DQ…as Ezekiel locks on a submission, Otis interferes to save Chad (Jerry Lawler, “How does he sneak up on anybody?”) & causes the DQ (03:30).

(4)  Street Profits defeat RK-Bro…NON-TITLE…the Usos’ music distracts RK-Bro, allowing the Profits to hit a Doomsday Blockbuster on Riddle, Ford covers for the win (07:48)…AFTER…Street Profits admit they arranged for the Usos’ music to play & warn RK-Bro that the Street Profits are the only team they should be worried about.

*Edge & Damian Priest promo…they’ve decided to seize the day…Edge challenges AJ Styles again for Backlash…warns AJ that it will be his judgment day.

*AJ Styles approached backstage by Sarah…AJ accepts Edge’s challenge…the lights flicker…Edge & Priest attack & put a beating on AJ.

(5)  Theory defeats Finn Balor…to become the NEW United States Champion…Balor misses the Coup de Grace, Theory delivers A-Town Down for the win (11:39)…AFTER…a half dozen or so heels flood the ring & put Theory on their shoulders to celebrate…even Mr. McMahon makes his way out for a selfie in front of the ‘tron.

*Seth Rollins is approached backstage by Kevin Patrick…Seth has chosen Cody’s opponent, but won’t reveal it because he wants Cody to be just as surprised as Seth was at WrestleMania.

*R-Truth presides over the Double Commitment Ceremony…Truth reminds everyone that the 24/7 title is off limits during the ceremony…Dana Brooke & Reggie exchange vows 1stTamina & Tozawa follow with little more than “ditto” to speed things along…during the “speak now” caveat, Tamina objects to her own pairing & swaps Reggie for Tozawa, then re-thinks it & decides she would rather have Dana…but eventually the pairs return to their original partners & by the power in Truth’s vest, they are “committed”…with the ceremony technically concluded, Reggie kisses his bride to the canvas & hooks a leg to become the NEW 24/7 Champion…then Tamina delivers a boot to Reggie’s face & standing splash to become the NEW 24/7 Champion…next Tozawa digs frantically under Tamina’s train to hit a Roll Up to become the NEW 24/7 Champion…finally Dana Brooke hits a high cross body on Tozawa to become the NEW 24/7 Champion…Dana rolls out & gets a piggyback ride to safety from R-Truth.

*Bobby Lashley backstage with Sarah, who shows him a video message from MVP & Omos…a challenge is posed to Bobby for a show of strength in the form of an arm-wrestling match…Lashley accepts.

*Seth Rollins out in front of the ‘tron to introduce Cody’s opponent…former Universal Champion, and that’s no lie, Kevin Owens

(6)  Cody Rhodes defeats Kevin Owens by COUNT OUT…about the 9 minute mark Seth Rollins comes to ringside…after Cody reverses a piledriver attempt on the apron’s edge into a backdrop, KO has words with Seth at ringside & walks off allowing Cody to get the count out win (17:23)…AFTER…Cody climb the corner to play to the crowd, Seth sneaks in & shoves Cody off the corner & crashing to the floor…Cody holds his now injured leg as the show ends.


WWE RAW PREVIEW – April 25, 2022 – Knoxville, TN.

+ Bianca Belair (c) vs. Sonya Deville – for the Raw Women’s Championship

+ Omos vs. Bobby Lashley – in an Arm Wrestling Challenge


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