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Raw – April 25

Raw – April 25

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Raw Results

*Live from Knoxville, KY.

*Riddle in the ring, most of the Raw roster surrounding it…we get a Randy Orton 20th Anniversary career retrospective video package…Randy Orton to the ring, thanks his former opponents, his buddy Riddle, & the Universe…Riddle introduces Cody RhodesSeth Rollins interrupts from near the announce desk, tells Randy not to trust Cody & reminds everyone that Seth is the future…Ezekiel interrupts to introduce himself to Randy…Kevin Owens can’t let it go, calls him out yet again…the Usos interrupt to remind us they’re the 1s…Adam Pearce interrupts, books RK-Bro/Cody/Ezekiel vs. Usos/Seth/KO for later tonight…Owens punches Ezekiel & gets RKO’ed.

(1)  Bianca Belair defeats Sonya Deville by COUNTOUT…retains her Raw Women’s Championship…Bianca sends Sonya over the announce desk & Sonya fails to return to the ring before the 10 count (00:46)…AFTER…Sonya grabs the mic & demands they restart the match under “No Countout” rules.

(2)  Bianca Belair defeats Sonya Deville by DQ…retains her Raw Women’s Championship…when Sonya uses a steel chair on Bianca (00:53)…AFTER…Sonya grabs the mic again & demands a restart under “No Countout/No DQ” rules…Sonya then waives Carmella & Queen Zelina out to help.

(3)  Bianca Belair defeats Sonya Deville…retains her Raw Women’s Championship…Sonya gets run into a chair that Zelina wedged between the top & middle turnbuckle pads earlier…Bianca follows with the KOD for the win (06:04).

*Sonya, Carmella, & Zelina arguing backstage after the commercial…Sonya revokes their tag title match for failing to help her gain the championship, slap both ladies.

*Edge (& Priest) backstage…they’re better than the rest of us…AJ won’t be able to hit the Phenomenal Forearm at Backlash after Edge injured him…Finn Balor will be judged tonight & Damian Priest is his Punishment.

(4)  Veer Mahaan defeats Sam Smothers…Cervical Stretch for the win (00:37)…AFTER…Veer tosses his opponent to the corner, then the floor…reapplies the Clutch, then tosses Smothers on the announce desk & sinks in the submission again until multiple referees convince him to break the hold.

*Bobby Lashley backstage with Sarah…he’s warming up for a fight, not just an arm wrestling challenge…because he doesn’t trust Omos or “that back-stabbing snake” MVP.

*Bobby Lashley defeats Omos…in an ARM WRESTLING CHALLENGE…afterwards, Omos attacks Lashley, drops him with a forearm club to the chest, & slams the arm wrestling table down on Lashley’s torso multiple times.

(5)  Tamina & Tozawa defeats Dana Brooke & Reggie…in a MIXED TAG MATCH with R-Truth as the special guest referee…Tozawa hits a top buckle Leaping Senton on Reggie for the win (01:32)…AFTER…Truth attempts to roll up Dana for the 24/7 title (& count his own pinfall), but Dana kicks out & escapes.

*Becky Lynch to the ring…it’s been 3 years since she has appeared on Raw without her title…she’s hit rock bottom…with nowhere to go but up, this is the start of an epic comeback & no one can stop her…the returning Asuka interrupts to inform Becks that she will stop her…Becky takes a swing & misses, then bails before Asuka can return fire.

*Street Profits backstage…they’ve got next after the tag titles are unified…also, they want the smoke.

(6)  Damian Priest defeats Finn Balor…Priest hits an Elevated Flatliner on Balor for the win (07:20)…AFTER…Priest & Edge glide back up the aisle on Edge’s new evil throne/hover platform.

*MizTV…with special guest: TheoryMustafa Ali interrupts the verbal fellatio to urge Theory to reinstate the US title open challenge…Theory declines, then sends a text to Mr. McMahon which results in the booking of Ali vs. Miz.

(7)  Mustafa Ali defeats Miz…Ali counters Miz’s set up of the Figure 4 into a Roll Up for the win (06:41)…AFTER…Tommaso Ciampa attacks Ali in the aisle.

*Rhea Ripley backstage with Sarah when Liv Morgan attacks & Security has to pull them apart.

*Kevin Owens chatting backstage with Chad Gable when Seth Rollins interrupts…Seth & KO begin bickering about Seth disrespecting KO last week…the Usos arrive to get their team in line.

*MVP & Omos backstage with Kevin Patrick…MVP announces that Omos has officially challenged Bobby Lashley to a match at Backlash.

(8)  RK-Bro, Cody Rhodes, & Ezekiel defeat Usos, Seth Rollins, & Kevin Owens…total chaos leads to everyone handing out finishers…ending with Riddle tossing Jimmy into an assisted RKO and Jey following with an Uso Splash attempt behind Randy’s back that Riddle points out in time to be countered into a Super RKO for the win (15:13).


WWE RAW PREVIEW – May 2, 2022 – Greensboro, NC.

+ no matches announced


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