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Raw – Aug 1

Raw – Aug 1

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Raw Results

*Live from Houston, TX.

*Becky Lynch to the ring…she remembered who she is & she’s looking forward to getting back to it after she heals her separated shoulder…she calls out Bianca Belair, who calls Becky “The Man”…they hug, Becky leaves…Bianca says she stays ready…on the ‘tron we see Bayley, Dakota Kai, & Iyo Sky attacking Becky backstage…Bianca sprints up the aisle to save Becky.

*United States Championship historical video package.

*Logan Paul loved performing for the Universe & plans to stick around.

(1)  AJ Styles def. Miz & Mustafa Ali…in a TRIPLE THREAT MATCH…Ali hits a 450 Splash onto Miz’s injured ribs, but bounces right into the arms of Styles for a Styles Clash onto the injured ribs of Miz…Styles covers Ali for the win (08:51)…as a result AJ Styles moves on to the US Championship #1 Contender match later tonight.

*Bayley, Dakota Kai, & Iyo Sky are approached by Sarah backstage…Bayley says their beat down of Becky wasn’t about Becky…it was about the 3 of them…we’ll see later.

*The Usos are approached by Sarah backstage…they’re 100% confident about their match tonight with the Mysterios.

*Seth Rollins to the ring…he’s pleased that we won’t have to hear from Riddle tonight…so now Rollins can turn his attention to Roman Reigns…Street Profits interrupt, Rollins cuts them off…Profits play Rock/Paper/Scissors to see who gets to fight Seth, but Montez Ford cheats.

(2)  Seth Rollins def. Montez Ford…Ford leaps From the Heavens, but Rollins gets the knees up & follows with a Stomp for the win (10:35)…AFTER…Rollins lines up for another Stomp but Angelo Dawkins slides in to make the save & run Rollins off.

(3)  Alexa Bliss vs. Asuka ends in NO CONTEST when Bayley, Dakota Kai, & Iyo Sky attack both women (02:32)…AFTER…Bianca Belair down for the save…she wants any one of them…tonight.

(4)  Ciampa def. Dolph Ziggler & Chad Gable…in a TRIPLE THREAT MATCH…Ciampa kicks out of a Gable backslide & delivers a jumping knee to the face…Ciampa hits the Fairytale Ending on Gable for the win (10:30)…as a result Ciampa moves on to the US Championship #1 Contender match later against AJ Styles.

*Edge apologizes for being an asshole for a little while…he’s back to kill his creation…The Judgment Day.

*The Mysterios backstage with Kevin Patrick…Rey’s happy to see his former tag champion partner Edge back…but tonight is about beating the Usos & becoming champs again with his son.

*Bayley, Dakota Kai, & Iyo Sky backstage with Sarah…Bayley says the Women’s Division has been on a downward spiral without her (she’s not wrong) & she took it as a cry for help.

(5)  Bianca Belair vs. Iyo Sky…NON-TITLE MATCH ends in NO CONTEST…around the 8 minute mark, Bayley & Dakota Kai arrive through the timekeeper’s area…shortly after, Asuka & Alexa Bliss arrive to neutralize them…the four “seconds” start a brawl that gets the match thrown out (17:19).

*Miz & Ciampa approached backstage by Kevin Patrick…Ciampa says AJ Styles chose the wrong side when he helped Logan Paul…tonight he pays the price

*Booker T joins commentary for the US Championship #1 Contender match.

(6)  Ciampa def. AJ Styles…US CHAMPIONSHIP #1 CONTENDER MATCH…AJ hits the Styles Clash but Miz puts Ciampa’s foot on the ropes to break the count…Styles rolls out to attack Miz…Ciampa follows & knocks Styles into the timekeeper’s area…Miz hangs on AJ’s ankle (out of the ref’s sight) & almost costs him a countout…but AJ slides in hastily & runs into a knee from Ciampa…followed by a Fairytale Ending for the win (14:04).

*Bobby Lashley backstage with Kevin Patrick…he’s on a mission to bring respect back to the US title & it continues with a Hurt Lock for Ciampa next week.

(7)  Usos def. Mysterios…retain their Undisputed Tag Team Championship…Dom sets up for the 619 on Jimmy, but Jey makes a blind tag & the Usos hit 1D on Dom for the win (15:49)…AFTER…The Judgment Day attack the Mysterios…Edge down for the save…Impaler DDT on Balor…Edge sets up for a Spear on Balor…Rhea Ripley pushes Dom into Edge’s path & The Judgment Day escape…the show ends with the medical staff attending to Dom.


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