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Raw – Oct 10

Raw – Oct 10

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Raw Results

*Live from Brooklyn, N.Y.

*HBK, Road Dogg, & X-Pac are going over the rules of 2022 censorship in Gorilla Position with Triple H…and it’s exactly what you would expect from DX.

*Roman Reigns & the Bloodline to the ring…Roman starts to call out Jey Uso, but Sami Zayn interrupts…Sami reminds Roman that Jey is his issue to handle & Roman agrees…Matt Riddle interrupts, he wants one more shot at Roman…Roman say “nah”…Sami steps up & challenges Riddle instead.

(1)  Johnny Gargano def. Austin Theory…Theory applies the Gargano escape…later Johnny returns the favor…Gargano with One Final Beat for the win (08:48).

(2)  Rey Mysterio def. Chad Gable…just before the break, Rhea Ripley & Dominik Mysterio come to ringside…they don’t get involved & Rey escapes an Alabama Slam to hit the 619 & a slingshot splash for the win (07:48)…AFTER…Dom into the ring, again inviting dad to hit him…Finn Balor & Damian Priest slide in…Rey holds his own for a bit, but eventually the numbers get to him…Dom continues to beg Rey to hit him…when Rey tries to leave, Dom attacks Rey from behind & Rhea holds Rey in place for Dom to hit a 619.

*Judgment Day are still in the ring after the commercial…Rhea says they run Raw…Balor changes gears to Dom’s “Uncle Allen”…AJ Styles interrupts, but he’s not here to argue…AJ says he’s been alone for far too long & needs family to have his back…AJ bends the knee & hugs Balor, but he wasn’t talking about joining Judgment Day…Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson to the ring & the fists fly…The OC clear the ring.

*Bayley backstage with Byron Saxton…Dakota Kai says Bayley will get a rematch & get that belt from Bianca…Iyo Sky says she’s going to kick Candice’s ass.

*Jey Uso approaches Roman Reigns & Paul Heyman as they’re on their way out of the building, they’re “doing NYC tonight”…Roman tells Jey to make sure his Honorary Uce wins tonight…Solo Sikoa heads out with Roman.

(3)  Candice LeRae def. Bayley…Bayley is setting up for the Roseplant but Candice counters into a Roll Up for the win (06:06)…AFTER…Dakota Kai & Iyo Sky attack…Bianca Belair out to help but she’s outnumbered…Damage CTRL stand tall.

*Miz & Maryse to the ring for his birthday celebration…Dexter Lumis is under his gift table…Miz almost gets “Silenced” & Maryse gets pushed into the cake…Miz runs away & leaves Maryse in the ring…Maryse narrowly escapes…Dexter uses the cake knife to deflate Miz’s giant (exercise) balls…and helps himself to some cake.

(4)  Omos def. Robert Adams & Joseph Torres…Double Chokeslam & a foot on Adams’ chest for the win (01:18)…AFTER…Adams & Torres each get a ChokeBomb as a parting gift as well.

*Bray Wyatt’s return at Extreme Rules is relived in all its’ glory.

*Bobby Lashley to the ring…he calls out his opponent for the night, Seth Rollins…he gets Brock Lesnar instead…Brock scoops Lashley up & delivers an F-5, followed by a German Suplex…another F-5…Brock grabs a Kimora & wrenches on Lashley’s left arm, then grabs his cowboy hat & heads out.

*Seth Rollins to the ring after a commercial & demands Bobby Lashley gets in the ring to face him…Seth uses Lashley’s history as a champions & soldier to lure him into the ring.

(5)  Seth Rollins def. Bobby Lashley…to become the NEW United States Champion…an injured Lashley kicks out of a Pedigree & afrog splash, but before long Seth hits a Stomp & follows with another just to be sure & gets the pinfall win (02:33).

*Bobby Lashley approached by Byron Saxton backstage…he’ll get revenge on Seth eventually, but first challenges Brock Lesnar to face him next week on Raw.

*Bray Wyatt vignette…a voice tells us through a choppy transmission to “revel in what you are”…coming out of the next commercial we see another quick Bray Wyatt vignette that insinuates he’ll be in New Orleans on Friday for SmackDown!

(6)  Matt Riddle def. Sami Zayn…Sami tells Jey Uso to stay away & let him handle his business…Sami attempts a Blue Thunder Bomb but Riddle counters into the RKO for the win (16:13).

*Triple H, HBK, Road Dogg, & X-Pac to the ring in a military Jeep for the DX 25th Anniversary Celebration…X-Pac shouts out Chyna…Road Dogg does the Outlaws’ intro & lets the crowd shout out Billy Gunn…HBK says if they’re out here in another 25 years, please put them out of their misery…& takes us to the catchphrase to end the show.


WWE RAW PREVIEW – Oct. 17, 2022 –

+ Miz vs. Dexter Lumis – if Miz wins, Lumis is done in WWE (if Road Dogg has booking power)

+ Brock Lesnar vs. Bobby Lashley (Lashley issued the challenge, not official)

+ Elias returns!


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