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Raw – Sep 19

Raw – Sep 19

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Raw Results

*Live from San Jose, CA.

(1)  Bobby Lashley def. Seth Rollins…retains his United States Championship…Rollins pushes off the turnbuckle to counter the Hurt Lock with a flip into a pinning combination…the ref takes a bump in the process, allowing Rollins to turn things in his favor with a Mule Kick…Matt Riddle sprints to the ring but stops short…Rollins turns his attention to Riddle, allowing Lashley to recover & deliver a Spear for the win (21:48).

*Damage CTRL arrive in a limo & head to the ring in a custom golf cart for their Championship Celebration…Bianca Belair, Alexa Bliss, & Asuka interrupt…blah, blah, blah, cluck, cluck, cluck…Alexa challenges Bayley to face her tonight.

*Austin Theory is warming up backstage for his match with Kevin Owens…EASTER EGG ALERT…there’s a QR code over his shoulder that leads to WWE.com/ComeWithMe   <—-

(2)  Kevin Owens def. Austin Theory…Theory attacks Owens before the bell…around the 12 minute mark, Theory decides to use his Money in the Bank case to cheat but Johnny Gargano appears & swipes the case from the corner…the distraction allows KO to drop Theory, hit a cannonball in the corner, & follow with a Pop Up Powerbomb for the win (13:22)…AFTER…Gargano returns the case to the downed Theory…by dropping it on his nuts.

*Matt Riddle backstage with Kevin Patrick…he intends to continue to aggravate Seth Rollins until he gets his rematch…but meanwhile tonight, he tags with Rey Mysterio against the Judgment Day.

*Roman Reigns vs. Logan Paul press conference footage…we’re really doing this crap at Crown Jewel, I guess.

*Butch & Ridge Holland to the ring, excited about their shot at the Undisputed Tag titles…Street Profits interrupt to remind the Brutes that they didn’t go through them…

(3)  Butch & Ridge Holland def. Street Profits…Holland with Dawkins in scoop slam position…Butch with a Roundhouse Kick to Dawkins’ head & Holland finishes the Slam (I hope that’s not a repeatable “finisher” in their minds, because it was WEAK), & Butch covers for the win (15:08).

*Rey Mysterio backstage with Sarah…Matt Riddle interrupts to join his partner…BRO!

*Alpha Academy are not happy with Johnny Gargano for messing with Austin TheoryKevin Owens arrives to have Johnny’s back…Chad challenges KO & Johnny to a tag match next week…they accept & KO gets Chad with a “SHOOSH!”

(4)  Finn Balor & Damian Priest def. Rey Mysterio & Matt Riddle…around the 15 minute mark, Seth Rollins attacks Riddle at ringside & escapes through the crowd…Dominik Mysterio dares his dad to hit him with a chair at ringside, Rey just slides back in…Priest drops Rey with a chokeslam & Balor follows with the Coupe de Grace for the win (16:58).

*Seth Rollins & Matt Riddle need to be pulled apart backstage…Rollins is screaming for Riddle to name the time & place for the rematch…Riddle wants a Fight Pit match at Extreme Rules.

*MizTVMiz  is PISSED about Lumis being in his house last week…calls him out…Dexter Lumis cuts through the apron & tries to pull Miz under the ring…Ciampa saves Miz & the two roll out to safety.

*Judgment Day celebrating backstage…Kevin Patrick asks what’s next…they’re going out for a night on the town…Finn runs into AJ Styles…AJ says Finn turned his back on him…Finn says he did no such thing & the offer to join Judgment Day still stands.

(5)  Bayley def. Alexa Bliss…Alexa drops Bayley with a DDT & climbs for Twisted Bliss…Dakota Kai distracts the ref while Iyo Sky knocks Alexa off the buckle…Bayley hits the Roseplant for the win (15:34)…AFTER…

*Damage CTRL with a 3-on-1 beating of AsukaBianca Belair in & the numbers eventually lead to a Roseplant for the champ…Bayley grabs a mic to explain that she’s in control & gets what she wants…and she wants the Raw Women’s Championship at Extreme Rules.


WWE RAW PREVIEW – Sep. 26, 2022

+ Alpha Academy vs. Kevin Owens & Johnny Gargano

+ Matt Riddle vs. Damian Priest


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