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Smackdown – April 15

Smackdown – April 15

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Smackdown Results

*Live from Worcester, MA.

*RK-Bro to the ring…some gratuitous nonsense from Riddle, then Randy calls out the Usos & they make their way to the ring…so what’s the answer to the challenge?…Randy accepts…the Usos roll out…RK-Bro hit the corners to pose…the Usos sneak back in to briefly attack Riddle & quickly bail again.

*Sasha Banks & Naomi chatting backstage when Rhea Ripley & Liv Morgan approach…Naomi says the Glow will outshine the Nightmare.

*RK-Bro approach Adam Pearce backstage…they’re ready for the unification match tonight, but Pearce says the “higher ups” are still debating whether or not to allow it…well then, Riddle wants Jimmy Uso tonight…that is a match Pearce can & gladly does make.

(1)  Rhea Ripley defeats Naomi…Ripley hits the Riptide & stacks up Naomi for the win (08:48).

*Happy Corbin backstage with Megan…still blaming Madcap Moss for his Mania loss & can’t wait to see him fall flat on his face now that he’s on his own.

*Madcap Moss backstage with new SmackDown interviewer Drew Gulak…Moss is happy to no longer have to make his “simple” (ex)friend laugh with lame puns.

(2)  Madcap Moss defeats Humberto…Moss hits the Punchline for the win (02:28)…AFTER…Angel chastises Humberto for losing to a “nothing” like Moss.

*Charlotte approaches Pearce backstage to find out who accepted Ronda’s request for an “I Quit” match…Drew Gulak interrupts to get feedback on his 1st interview…Charlotte is irritated with the intrusion but offers to give Gulak his 1st “big” interview in the ring…this will end poorly for Gulak after the break.

*Drew Gulak in the ring, introduces Charlotte Flair…Drew says Charlotte tapped out at Mania, the ref was just out of position…Charlotte takes offense & tells Gulak to leave her ring…when Gulak turns his back, Charlotte chopblocks him & applies the Figure-8 submission.

*Gunther & Ludwig Kaiser backstage promo…Kaiser explains how, to them, the mat is sacred…and I can’t help feeling like I’ve heard that somewhere before.

(3)  Drew McIntyre defeats Sami Zayn by COUNT OUT…a carbon copy repeat of last week, Sami rolls out to avoid the Claymore & heads up the arena steps (02:40)…AFTER…this time the frustrated McIntyre heads into the crowd after the final bell, but Sami has too much of a head start & disappears onto the concourse.

*Sami Zayn runs into Adam Pearce backstage…next week Sami won’t be able to run away because he’ll face Drew in a Lumberjack match.

(4)  Ricochet defeats Jinder Mahal…retains his Intercontinental Championship…Ricochet hits the Shooting Star Press for the win (03:04).

*Sheamus, Ridge Holland, & Butch backstage with Megan…Sheamus admits that Butch needs to learn to handle his aggression…then he & Holland get nervous when Butch wanders off as we got to commercial.

*Butch attacks Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods backstage at a signing table…Sheamus & Holland join in…refs & agents pull them all apart.

*Lacey Evans continues with the sad story of her childhood with an abusive & mentally ill father…she’s comfortable at rock bottom, so no one in this locker room can shake her.

*Natalya & Shayna Baszler scoff at the monitor where they just watched Lacey’s promo…Natty says these new girls have no respect for legends like her…and who is this new girl whose clothes are littering the locker room?…Raquel Rodriguez politely introduces herself.

(5)  Riddle defeats Jimmy Uso…while Randy Orton & Jey Uso fight on the floor, Jimmy goes for a 2nd pop-up Samoan Drop of the match…this time Riddle counters into an RKO for the win (09:05)…Randy is so excited by the finish he actually climbs into the ring early, confusing the hell out of the referee…but the ref collects himself enough to ignore Randy & make the count.


WWE SmackDown PREVIEW – April 22, 2022

+ Drew McIntyre vs. Sami Zayn – Lumberjack Match

+ Madcap Moss vs. Angel



+ Charlotte (c) vs. Ronda Rousey – SmackDown Women’s Championship “I Quit” Match

+ Cody Rhodes vs. Seth Rollins

+ RK-Bro (Raw) vs. Usos (SmackDown) – Tag Team Championship Unification


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