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Smackdown – April 22

Smackdown – April 22

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Smackdown Results

*Live from Albany, NY.

*Adam Pearce in the ring for the contract signing…introduces Charlotte Flair…then Ronda RouseyDrew Gulak brings the contract to the ring, which had apparently been forgotten…he’s prepared a Powerpoint on the rules of an “I Quit” Match…but Flair cuts him off, has some words for Ronda, & signs…before Ronda can sign, Flair flips the table where she’s hidden a kendo stick & attacks Ronda…when Ronda gets control of the kendo stick, Gulak comes between the women…this allows Flair to escape & leaves Ronda no choice but to take out her frustration on Gulak…after a few judo throws, Ronda signs while holding Gulak in an armbar.

(1)  Xavier Woods defeats Butch…Woods attempts a swinging DDT upon reentering through the ropes & transitions into the BackWoods for the Roll Up win (09:00)…AFTER…Butch throws another mini fit & takes off into the crowd…he tosses an arena staff member over the barricade & continues to wander through the building.

*Ricochet & Aliyah chatting backstage…Jinder Mahal interrupts & questions if Ricochet is truly a fighting champion…when he says that he is, Shanky challenges him…Ricochet accepts.

*Ludwig Kaiser out in front of the ‘tron for a rousing introduction of the Ring General…

(2)  Gunther defeats Teddy Goodz…Gunther transitions from a sleeper hold, to a ragdoll Powerbomb & high stack for the win (02:10).

*Xia Li backstage promo…she was “The Protector” but now sees no one worthy of her protection…so going forward she only protects herself…I think that was meant to be a heel turn, as she was mean-mugging through the whole promo.

(3)  Riddle defeats Jey Uso…Jey delivers a superkick, follows with the Uso Splash but Riddle gets the knees up & grabs an Inside Cradle for the Roll Up win (12:12)…as a displeased Roman Reigns (& Paul Heyman) watch from their plush office on a monitor.

*Sasha Banks & Naomi in the ring with Kayla…they’re not just a tag team, they’re a sisterhood…Natalya & Shayna Baszler interrupt, they’re coming for the tag titles.

*Madcap Moss approached backstage by Happy Corbin…Corbin is willing to forgive Moss & welcome him back…Moss declines with a joke about Corbin’s hairline…Corbin is not pleased.

*Raquel Rodriguez vignette…makes her SmackDown in-ring debut next week.

(4)  Madcap Moss defeats Angel…Moss hits the Punchline for the win (02:25)…AFTER…Happy Corbin attacks & drops Moss with the End of Days, then takes off with the Andre Trophy.

*Sami Zayn visits Roman Reigns’ office…Sami saw Drew McIntyre chumming it up with RK-Bro earlier & Sami says they were speaking poorly of Roman & family…maybe the Bloodline could help Sami tonight & he would return the favor down the line…Sami leaves…Roman tells the Usos to make sure people get his name out of their mouths.

*Lacey Evans continues with the sad story of her childhood…

(5)  Drew McIntyre vs. Sami Zayn…in a LUMBERJACK MATCH…ends in a COUNTOUT/NO CONTEST after a breakdown of the lumberjacks allows Sami to escape yet again…there’s no bell to end the match or announcement of Drew as the winner…Adam Pearce announces that next week Sami will face Drew AGAIN…this time inside a steel cage (~09:00)…AFTER…Jinder Mahal & Shanky attack McIntyre…Drew gets control before long & ends the evening with a Claymore to Jinder.


WWE SmackDown PREVIEW – April 29, 2022

+ Raquel Rodriguez debuts

+ Ricochet (c) vs Shanky – for the Intercontinental Championship

+ Charlotte Flair & Ronda Rousey – “I Quit”/Beat the Clock Challenge

+ Drew  McIntyre vs. Sami Zayn – in a Steel Cage Match


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