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Smackdown – July 1

Smackdown – July 1

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Smackdown Results

*Live from Phoenix, AZ.

*Riddle, Omos, Drew McIntyre, Sheamus, Sami Zayn, & Seth Rollins open the show…all but Omos are at the top of their own ladder, set up in the middle of the ring…talkie, talkie…The Miz interrupts, says he deserves to be in the ladder match…Ezekiel interrupts, says he got robbed of his qualifying match, so he deserves to be in…Happy Corbin says no one is luckier than him in Vegas…Madcap Moss wants in, too…Adam Pearce decides that we’ll settle this in a Battle Royal…and for some reason, the guys who already qualified are in it, too.

(1)  Happy Corbin wins a LAST CHANCE BATTLE ROYAL to earn the final spot in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match…within 2 minutes we’re down to everyone who’s already in the ladder match…plus Corbin…sooo, Corbin rolls out at some point & waits on the floor…only to sneak back in & last eliminate McIntyre & Sheamus as they struggle near the ropes (15:20)…STUNNINGLY STUPID.

*Happy Corbin backstage with Kayla…basking in his victory…Kayla asks about Pat McAfee’s challenge…Corbin is suddenly speechless.

*Natalya backstage with Megan…says she sees fear in Ronda’s eyes…she will be the first woman to make Ronda tap out.

(2)  Viking Raiders vs. New Day…NEVER GETS STARTED…as the Viking Raiders beat the New Day unconscious with their shields.

*Miz, Happy Corbin, Madcap Moss, & Ezekiel argue backstage about how unfair the battle royal was…so Adam Pearce re-books the qualifying match for the last spot into a fatal 4-way…yeah, this all makes perfect sense.

*Becky Lynch joins the commentary desk for the Money in the Bank-related 6-woman tag match…

(3)  Alexa Bliss, Asuka, & Liv Morgan def. Raquel Rodriguez, Lacey Evans, & Shotzi…Morgan hits the ob-LIV-ion on Shotzi for the win (13:20)…AFTER…Becky Lynch sneaks in to hit a Manhandle Slam on Asuka.

*Sonya Deville approaches Adam Pearce to tell him that it was wrong to book her in that 2-on-1 match last week…but what she’s about to do is wrong, too…SLAP!

*The Usos & the Street Profits join Kayla in the ring for a debate…I think…TWIST…each team used the other team’s catchphrase on them!…and I’ve got CHILLS!

*Max Dupri talks way too close to Adam Pearce again…looks like we might finally get that Maximum Male Models segment…after the break…

*Max Dupri introduces us to Mace (pronounced: “mah-SAY”)…and Mansoor (man-SWAH)…each does walks the aisle & does a catwalk turn…yup, this was worth waiting a month for.

*Ronda Rousey backstage with Megan…Ronda takes a coupe verbal swipes at Natty & assures us she will tap her out at Money in the Bank.

(4)  Money in the Bank Men’s QualifierMadcap Moss def. Miz, Ezekiel, & Happy Corbin…in a LAST CHANCE FATAL 4-WAY…Corbin hits End of Days on Ezekiel…Moss runs Corbin shoulder-first into the corner post & covers Zeke for the win (10:34)


WWE MONEY IN THE BANK PREVIEW – Saturday July 2, 2022 – Las Vegas, NV

+ Bianca Belair (c) vs. Carmella – for the Raw Women’s Championship

+ Ronda Rousey (c) vs. Natalya – for the SmackDown Women’s Championship

+ Men’s Money in the Bank Match: Seth Rollins vs. Sheamus vs. Drew McIntyre vs. Omos vs. Sami Zayn vs. Riddle vs. Madcap Moss

+ Women’s Money in the Bank Match: Lacey Evans vs. Liv Morgan vs. Alexa Bliss vs. Raquel Rodriguez vs. Asuka vs. Shotzi vs. Becky Lynch

+ Usos (c) vs. Street Profits – for the Undisputed Tag Team Championship

+ Theory (c) vs. Bobby Lashley – for the United States Championship


WWE SmackDown PREVIEW – July 8, 2022

+ Max Dupri & Maximum Male Models show off the 2022 Tennis Wear Collection


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