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Smackdown – May 13

Smackdown – May 13

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Smackdown Results

*Live from Wilkes-Barre, PA.

*RK-Bro to the ring…Randy calls Roman out, since he makes the decisions for the Bloodline…Sami Zayn, as locker room leader, comes out instead…Sami says no one wants to see the tag title unification, so they should go back to Raw…Randy acknowledges Sami as a “shot caller” for the Bloodline, so he proposes Sami face Riddle tonight…if Riddle wins, then RK-Bro gets their unification match…Sami needs to speak to the Bloodline first…Adam Pearce out, he books Sami vs. Riddle…right now (without any stipulation).

(1)  Riddle defeats Sami “Rusty” Zayn…Riddle hits Bro Derek for the win (10:25).

*Roman Reigns watches from his locker room, displeased to see RK-Bro on his show…the Usos didn’t like their portrayal by Randy…Jimmy says they’ll “do this” tonight.

*Sami Zayn bumps into Shinsuke Nakamura backstage…Shin says, “Roman Reigns is the head of the table…but you, Sami, are the table’s ass.”

*Ronda Rousey to the ring…issues an Open Challenge for her title tonight…Raquel Rodriguez answers the challenge.

(2)  Ronda Rousey defeats Raquel Rodriguez…after an OPEN CHALLENGE was issued for the SmackDown Women’s Championship…Raquel takes Ronda up for a powerbomb…Ronda uses a modified ‘rana/victory roll to escape & Roll Up Raquel for the win (06:00)…AFTER…Raquel & Ronda share a respectful handshake.

*Shotzi approaches Adam Pearce backstage to complain that the open challenge title opportunity should have been hers…Aliyah interrupts, says Shotzi locked her in the locker room so that she couldn’t answer the open challenge herself…they bicker back & forth as we go to break.

*Madcap Moss to the ring for an interview with Kayla…Moss is on a roll…next he want to win Money in the Bank…Happy Corbin attacks him with a steel chair…Corbin wraps the chair around Moss’ neck & drops the Andre trophy on it…Moss gets a neck brace we go to break.

(3)  Sasha Banks & Naomi defeat Shayna Baszler & Natalya…retain their Women’s Tag Team Championship…Natty attempts a Sharpshooter but Naomi grabs her head & pulls her into a small package for the Roll Up win (08:35).

*Drew Gulak gets some words of advice backstage from Ricochet…Gulak says he plans to put Gunther in his place…he walks around the corner & bumps into Gunther, who nearly stops his heart with a vicious chop.

(4)  Butch defeats Kofi Kingston…after a distraction by Sheamus on the apron, Butch hits the Bitter End for the win (08:21)…AFTER…Butch heads into the crowd again…thinks better of it…heads back to celebrate with Sheamus & Holland.

*Sami Zayn speaking to Paul Heyman backstage…wants to make sure Roman knows Sami was sticking up for the Bloodline earlier…the Wise Man tells Sami that the Tribal Chief appreciates him.

*Roman Reigns (& the Bloodline) to the ring…Roman says there’s no one left for him to smash, but the Usos still have work to do…RK-Bro interrupt to re-issue the unification challenge…Usos accept, but not tonight…how about next week…Riddle hits Roman with a jumping knee & RK-Bro bail.


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+ RK-Bro (Raw) vs. The Usos (SD) – WWE Tag Team Championship Unification Match


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