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SmackDown – Sep 2

SmackDown – Sep 2

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SmackDown Results

*Emanating from Detroit, MI.

(1)  Viking Raiders def. New Day…in a VIKING RULES MATCH…Vikings with a 2-man Powerbomb of Woods off the Dragon Masthead area & through two stacked tables, Ivar covers for the win (22:15).

*Usos approach Sami Zayn in the locker room…Jey still can’t stand Sami, but Jimmy keeps things copasetic.

*Shayna Baszler backstage with Kayla…Shayna is describing how she plans to make Liv suffer…Liv Morgan interrupts to tell Shayna she will not tap to her tomorrow…watch her!

*Roman Reigns video packages narrated by Paul Heyman, recounting the dominance of our Tribal Chief for the past two years.

(2)  Karrion Kross def. Drew Gulak…Kross with a Saito Suplex & follows with the Straight Jacket for the submission win (01:17)…AFTER…Drew is tied up between the middle & bottom ropes & hanging off the apron (looking like a crucifixion) as Kross & Scarlett head back up the aisle.

*Ronda Rousey to the ring…calls out Adam Pearce to read her letter from WWE HQ, which says her suspension has been lifted…Pearce says he would have fired her…Ronda tells him to kiss her ass…Pearce loses his s#it & unloads verbally on Ronda & calls her the “single biggest bitch I’ve ever met”…Pearce tries to apologize, but Ronda takes him down & applies the armbar.

*Sami Zayn takes delivery of a bouquet of black roses addressed to Roman Reigns…apparently they stink…and the card simply reads “tick tock.”

(3)  Hit Row def. Maximum Male Models…Top Dolla gets Mansoor up for Adonis to complete the Heavy Hitter for the win (03:03)…AFTER…Los Lotharios slide in to help MMM attack Hit Row…Street Profits down to even the odds…Profits & Hit Row clear the ring.

*Happy Corbin backstage with Kayla…he’s in a bad mood & headed to the ring to issue an open challenge to turn his luck around…

(4)  Shinsuke Nakamura def. Happy Corbin…Corbin hits the Deep-6, but Nakamura kicks at 2…Corbin slides out, hooks around the ringpost & slides back in just in time to eat a Kinshasa for the win (02:23)…AFTER…Corbin still not happy.

*Happy Corbin is dejected as he walks through the parking area…a BMW super-stretch limo with steer horns on the hood pulls up & a voice that sounds an awful lot like JBL asks out the window, “What happened to you?”…Corbin smiles when the voice says “Get in” & the two drive off.

(5)  Butch def. Ludwig Kaiser…Butch fights out of the inverted DDT set up with small joint manipulation & counters with the Bitter End for the win (09:04)…AFTER…Sheamus & Gunther are in…both look ready to fight but Ludwig convinces Gunther to back off.

*Tyson Fury will be ringside for the action in Cardiff tomorrow.

*The Usos & Sami Zayn to the ring for Roman’s 2-Year Championship Celebration…Sami has adorned the ring with pictures of great moments of Roman’s title reign…Sami  gets cut off by Jey, who introduces the man of the hour…Roman Reigns pulls up & steps out of his Escalade only to be immediately hit with a Claymore…Drew McIntyre heads to the ring…Sami takes a chair-assisted Claymore…Jimmy suplexed through the announce desk…Jey speared through the barricade…Drew on the mic, says he will kick Roman’s head off his body in Cardiff.


WWE CLASH AT THE CASTLE PREVIEW – Sept. 3, 2022 – Cardiff, Wales

(1) Roman Reign (c) vs. Drew McIntyre – for the Undisputed Universal Championship

(2) Liv Morgan (c) vs. Shayna Baszler – for the SmackDown Women’s Championship

(3) Gunther (c) vs. Sheamus – for the Intercontinental Championship

(4) Bayley, Dakota Kai, & Iyo Sky vs. Asuka, Alexa Bliss & Bianca Belair

(5) Matt Riddle vs. Seth Rollins

(6) Edge & Rey Mysterio vs. Judgment Day


WWE SmackDown PREVIEW – Sep. 9, 2022

+ no matches announced


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