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SmackDown – Sep 30

SmackDown – Sep 30

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SmackDown Results

*Live from Winnipeg, Manitoba.

(1)  Sami Zayn & Solo Sikoa def. Madcap Moss & Ricochet…Sikoa makes a blind tag & cuts a Moss corner charge off with a spinning back kick…Sikoa hits the Spinning Solo on Moss for the win (13:12)…AFTER…Sami has to calm Sikoa down from delivering more punishment to Moss.

*Jey Uso pulls Sami Zayn aside backstage…tells Sami that he may have the rest of the family fooled, but Jey see through him.

*Karrion Kross promo…tells Drew McIntyre that he intends to use him as a stepping stone to the Undisputed Universal Championship…tick tock.

*Austin Theory backstage with Kayla…he trash talks Drew…Drew McIntyre walks by to hear Theory’s gums flapping…he tells Theory to meet him in the ring…NOW.

(2)  Drew McIntyre def. Austin Theory by DISQUALIFICATION…Drew sets up for the Claymore…Chad Gable up on the apron, Drew brings him in the hard way…Otis hooks Drew’s leg from outside causing the DQ (01:53)…AFTER…it’s 3-on-1 for Drew until Johnny Gargano races down for the save, but they’re still outnumbered…Kevin Owens is out next & helps clean house.

*Maximum Male Models & Maxxine stop Max Dupri backstage…they intend to make him proud tonight…by holding the longest pose in Canadian history (because that’s totally a thing, right?)…Hit Row wander by & break their concentration in under a minute.

*Shotzi promo…says she’s going to stomp all over Bayley tonight.

(3)  Hit Row def. Los Lotharios…Heavy Hitter on Humberto…Adonis covers for the win (02:27).

*Ronda Rousey backstage with Kayla…she calls Liv Morgan “Hooters Barbie” & refers to herself as the most dangerous unarmed woman on the planet…what do you think happens when she can use a bat?

(4)  Ronda Rousey def. Natalya…Ronda with an Ankle Lock for the submission win (03:27)…AFTER…Liv Morgan out with a baseball bat…Ronda meets her in the aisle & the fight is on…security has to pull them apart multiple times.

*Drew McIntyre, Johnny Gargano, & Kevin Owens chatting backstage…they’re all in agreement that Theory needs his ass kicked…KO walks away…crosses paths with Sami Zayn…KO tells him that he needs a new t-shirt (as if there’s a cooler piece of clothing than Sami’s “Honorary Uce” tee).

*Shinsuke Nakamura passes by Maximum Male Models backstage…they’re still holding their pose & Maxxine Dupri is working the stopwatch.

*Imperium to the ring…Sheamus interrupts…Giovanni Vinci & Ludwig Kaiser attack him in the aisle…he gets through them with his Shillelagh & continues to the ring…Gunther gets the best of the exchange & powerbombs Sheamus…Imperium leave, then return for a quick 3-on-1 beat down.

*Michael Cole announces the passing of WWE Hall of Famer, Antonio Inoki.

(5)  Bayley def. Shotzi…Bayley hits the Roseplant for the win (06:34)…AFTER…Bayley brings a ladder into the ring & sets Shotzi up for some damage…Bianca Belair down for the save…Bayley escapes a KOD & rolls out.

*Max Dupri punches Mansoor & breaks the pose just short of that elusive record…Max removes his belt with the “M” logo on it & announces that this just isn’t for him anymore…and maybe it never was…YEAH!

(6)  Drew McIntyre, Kevin Owens, & Johnny Gargano def. Austin Theory & Alpha Academy…match breaks down with all 6 men going at it outside the ring…back inside Drew hits Theory with a Claymore for the win (09:49)…AFTER…Drew gives Theory a nasty lash with the strap before he can roll out to safety as the show ends.


WWE SmackDown PREVIEW – Oct. 7, 2022 – *SEASON PREMIERE*Worcester, MA.

+ Gunther (c) vs. Sheamus – for the Intercontinental Championship

+ Ricochet vs. Solo Sikoa

+ Roman Reigns & Logan Paul face-to-face


WWE  EXTREME RULES PREVIEW – Sat., Oct. 8, 2022 – Philadelphia, PA.

+ Liv Morgan (c) vs. Ronda Rousey – Extreme Rules Match for the SmackDown Women’s Championship

+ Bianca Belair (c) vs. Bayley – Ladder Match for the Raw Women’s Championship

+ Seth Rollins vs. Matt Riddle – in a Fight Pit Match

+ Drew McIntyre vs. Karrion Kross – in a Strap Match

+ Edge vs. Finn Balor – in an “I Quit” Match

+ Imperium vs. Brawling Brutes – in a 6-Man Donnybrook Match


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