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WrestleMania Night 1 – April 2

WrestleMania Night 1 – April 2

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WrestleMania Results

*Live from Dallas, TX.

(1)  Usos defeat Shinsuke Nakamura & Rick Boogs…to retain their SmackDown Tag Team Championship…Usos hit the 1-D on Nakamura, Jey covers for the win (06:53).

(2)  Drew McIntyre defeats Happy Corbin…McIntyre kicks out of End of Days…McIntyre delivers a Claymore for the win (08:39)…AFTER…McIntyre swings Angela at Madcap Moss & snaps the top two ropes as Moss narrowly escapes a beheading.

(3)  Miz & Logan Paul defeat Rey & Dom Mysterio…Miz makes a blind tag as Paul takes consecutive frog splashes…Miz hits the Skull-Crushing Finale on Rey for the win (11:16)…AFTER…Miz hits another Skull-Crushing Finale, this time on his partner.

*Stephanie McMahon introduces Gable Steveson to the WrestleMania crowd.

(4)  Bianca Belair defeats Becky Lynch…to become the NEW Raw Women’s Champion…Belair hits the KOD for the win (19:08).

(5)  Cody Rhodes defeats Seth Rollins…Cody hits 2 consecutive Cross-Rhodes, a series of Flip, Flop, & Fly punches punctuated with the Bionic Elbow, & another Cross-Rhodes for the win (21:34).

*WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2022 video package & live introductions.

(6)  Charlotte Flair defeats Ronda Rousey…to retain her SmackDown Women’s Championship…Rousey pushes Charlotte off a Figure-8 set up & into the ref…Rousey grabs an armbar & Charlotte is tapping, but Little Naitch is down…Rousey pulls the ref to his feet & turns around into a boot to the face by Charlotte for the win (18:22).

*Bobby Lashley video package.

*Roman Reigns & Brock Lesnar recent rivalry video package.

*KO Show…Owens is mid-rant on all the reasons why both Texas & the Texas Rattlesnake suck when Stone Cold Steve Austin’s music blows the roof off Jerry World…Austin prowls the stage for a minute before heading backstage again & re-emerging on an ATV for his trip to the ring…Austin rearranges some set dressing before being admonished by KO…Austin chews out KO for his harsh words about Texas in the last few weeks…KO calms things down & admits he didn’t really bring Austin here to talk…KO wants a fight…in fact he wants a No Holds Barred match…Austin calls for a ref & gets one…

(7)  Stone Cold Steve Austin defeats Kevin Owens…in a NO HOLDS BARRED MATCH…Austin takes a little too long on his 3rd or 4th beer break & KO catches him with a Stunner, but Austin kicks at 2…KO grabs a steel chair but swings it wildly, missing Austin & bouncing it off the top rope & into his own face…KO stumbles around into an Austin Stunner for the win (13:56)…AFTER…you guessed it, a frosty Broken Skull Celebration & another Stunner to KO…after a pair of Texas Rangers drag KO up the ramp, Austin invites Byron Saxton in for a beer…and…well…yeah, a Stunner to close the show.


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