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Unsanctioned Pro Mulligan – April 2

Unsanctioned Pro Mulligan – April 2

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There are about 4 people watching this show in the audience. .. everyone else is at WrestleMania. Emil Jay is on commentary with Sarah. Veda Scott also comes in after the first match.

Cincinnati’s Most Wanted (Aaron Williams and Lord Crewe) defeats Yoya and Janai Kai – Tag Team Championship – 13:37

  • Cincinnati’s Most Wanted used a released Razor’s Edge followed by a top rope splash to secure the pinfall.

Lexus Montez defeats Kevin Blackwood and Bryan Keith – 09:59

  • Lexus Montez used a shining wizard on Kevin Blackwood to get the pinfall victory.

Ace Perry defeatsΒ Nate Webb, The Whisper, Everett Cross, Mike Swanson, Sam Stackhouse – Scramble Β Match – 07:04

  • Ace Perry hit a cutter on Nate Webb to get the pinfall victory.

Kristian Robinson defeats Billie Starkz – 07:17

  • Kristian Robinson uses a crossface to get a submission victory over Starkz

Akira wins the FXXX Jeffery John Gauntlet Match

  • Entrant #1 – Jeffery John defeatsΒ Entrant #2 – Morgan Taylor by pinfall – 01:14
  • Entrant #1 – Jeffery John defeats Entrant #3 – Ron Bass Jr. by pinfall – 05:49
  • Entrant #4 – Akira defeats Entrant #1 – Jeffery John by pinfall after hitting John with a bundle of light tubes – 05:21

Charlie Tiger defeats Robert Martyr – 08:10

  • Charlie used a Tiger driver to get the pinfall over Robert Martyr.

Tre Lemar defeats TIM – OWA Championship Match – 09:15

  • Tre Lemar dropped an elbow to get the pinfall victory.

Cole Radrick defeats Mike Bailey – Unsanctioned Pro Championship – 16:05

  • Radrick used a gut-wrench powerbomb for the pinfall victory.

Kevin Giza defeats Alex Colon – Unsanctioned Pro Hardcore Championship – 3:42

  • Alex Colon tapped out to an Armbar from Kevin Giza. The commentary team seems completely shocked that they have a new hardcore champion in Kevin Giza

Casanova Valentine defeats Hoodfoot – 09:15

  • Valentine used a claw slam onto a door and knives to get the pinfall victory.

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