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WrestleMania Night 2 – April 3

WrestleMania Night 2 – April 3

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WrestleMania Night 2 Results

*Live from Dallas, TX.

*Triple H to the ring to welcome us all to WrestleMania & thank the Universe for the support following his recent in-ring retirement announcement…he leaves his boots & mic in the ring upon his exit.

(1)  RK-Bro defeat Alpha Academy & Street Profits…to retain their Raw Tag Team Championship…Randy catches Gable mid-flight & into a Super RKO for the win (11:31)…AFTER…Gable Steveson joins RK-Bro & the Profits for a friendly drink, but Chad knocks the drink out of Steveson’s hand & SHOOSHes the Olympian…leading to a bodylock, overhead toss on Chad by Steveson…the Solo Cup Celebration then takes place at the base of the ramp.

(2)  Bobby Lashley defeats Omos…Lashley spears Omos in the kidneys, follows with a another Spear for the win (06:35).

(3)  Johnny Knoxville defeats Sami Zayn…in an ANYTHING GOES MATCH…around the 6 minute mark Chris Pontius enters the ring & is quickly down to his usual Chippendale’s collar & cuffs look…moments later WeeMan emerges from under the ring to deliver a scoop slam to Sami…after a shock from a taser by Knoxville, Sami falls into a human-sized mousetrap which helps hold him down while Knoxville covers for the win (14:26).

(4)  Sasha Banks & Naomi defeat Carmella & Queen Zelina, Rhea Ripley & Liv Morgan, and Natalya & Shayna Baszler…in a FATAL 4-WAY MATCH to become the NEW WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions…Sasha & Naomi pull off a tandem maneuver on Carmella & Sasha covers for the win (10:50).

(5)  Edge defeats AJ Styles…AJ sets up for the Phenomenal Forearm but hesitates when Damian Priest appears at ringside…the delay allows Edge to recover & Spear AJ mid-flight for the win (24:28)…AFTER…Priest joins Edge in the ring…they share a smirk which shows that an alliance has clearly been made.

(6)  Sheamus & Ridge Holland defeat New Day…while Butch has the ref’s attention, Sheamus delivers a Brogue Kick to Woods behind the ref’s back & Holland follows with Northern Grit for the win (01:43).

*Undertaker makes his way out in front of the ‘tron as the Universe gives one more round of applause to Taker & the rest of the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2022.

*Mr. McMahon makes his way to the ring to introduce, “a future WWE Universal Champion, Austin Theory” for his upcoming match…Pat McAfee counters with a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders kickline & ‘Seven Nation Army’ entrance.

(7)  Pat McAfee defeats Austin Theory…Theory has McAfee in the fireman’s carry for the ATL…McAfee escapes & uses the Roll Up for the win (09:37)…AFTER…Mr. McMahon takes offense to McAfee’s excessive celebration & takes off his jacket, shirt, & tie…then makes his way into the ring…a ref appears just before Theory attacks McAfee from behind…Mr. McMahon demands the ref call for the bell…

(8)  Mr. McMahon defeats Pat McAfee…McAfee gets dragged crotch-first into a ringpost…Mr. McMahon kicks a football into McAfee’s face before covering him for the win (03:45)…AFTER…McMahon & Austin Theory celebrate until Stone Cold Steve Austin interrupts…Theory unwisely attacks SCSA & receives an immediate Stunner…Austin shares a beer with Vince before…yeah…Vince gets a Stunner…McAfee joins Austin for a double-fisted Broken Skull celebration and…wait for it…a Stunner!

(9)  Roman Reigns defeats Brock Lesnar…to unify the WWE & Universal Championships…after MANY German Suplexes by Brock and Superman Punches/Spears & even a low blow/belt to the face combo by Reigns…Brock nearly gets Roman to tap to a Kimura but Paul Heyman helps Roman get to the bottom rope for a break…Roman tells Heyman that his shoulder is out of the socket but seconds later delivers a final Spear for the win (12:17).


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