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Black Label Pro Norm – April 2

Black Label Pro Norm – April 2

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The Barbarian defeats Calvin Tankman – 09:45

  • Barbarian used a big boot in the face to secure the pinfall victory.

Billie Starkz defeats Shazza McKenzie – 12:52

  • Billie used a swanton bomb for the pinfall victory.

Effy defeats Charlie Haas – 05:57

  • Effy used a sunset flip to get the pinfall victory.

Kobe Durst defeats Jessica Troy – 09:53

  • Kobe Durst uses Snake Eyes followed by a piledriver for the pinfall victory.

Big Damo defeats WARHORSE – 11:44

  • Big Damo used a Vader Bomb to get the pinfall victory.

Anthony Henry and JD Drake defeatΒ Mike Bailey and Davey Richards – 10:21

  • Anthony Henry came off the top rope with a double stomp for the pinfall victory.

Anthony Green defeatsΒ Black Taurus, Alex Zayne, Blake Christian – 09:04

  • Anthony Green used a shaker hikes spike (Piledriver) to get the pinfall victory.

Kevin Blackwood, Carlos Romo, Titus Alexander defeatsΒ Dominic Garrini, Kevin Ku, Tom Lawlor – 18:18

  • Kevin Blackwood hit a double stomp on Tom Lawlor to get the pinfall victory.

Kody Lane defeats Dan the Dad, Put, Shane Sabre, Jody Threat, and Devon Monroe – 10:37

  • Dan the Dad had a sleeper hold on Kody Lane, but Lane ran up the ropes and floated over into a pin. Lane scored the pinfall victory.

Levi Everett defeats Big Beef – Texas Death Match – 13:49

  • Levi Everett hit a knee drop off a ladder to secure the pinfall. Following the pinfall, Big Beef was unable to answer the 10 count. Levi Everett gets the win.

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