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April 28th – Impact Rebellion

April 28th - Impact Rebellion

April 28th – Impact Rebellion

Note: I did not attended the April 28th episode of Impact Rebellion live, but I do average at least one wrestling show per week. Follow the Minutes to Bell Time Instagram to see photos from my experiences. Read about the live experiences here.

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April 28th – Impact Rebellion Results

Results Begin at 8PM.

Chris Bey defeats Trey, Rohit Raju, and Suicide

The match began with about 100 standing switches involving all four wrestlers. With Bey, Suicide, and Rohit on the outside, Trey bounced off the ropes and hit a Tope Con Hilo. Suicide held Trey up in a delayed vertical suplex while Bey hit Trey with a cross body. As Suicide went for the cover, Rohit hit a stomp off the top rope.

Trey hit a meteora on Suicide and Raju attempted to make a cover, but Chris Bey hit him with a leaping kick for the pinfall victory.

Recap of Rebellion Night 1

Interview with Tessa Blanchard

To be the man you have to beat the man even when that man is a woman. She would like to shut Elgin up, but unless he’s coming to Mexico, it can’t happen tonight.

Video Package for Joseph Ryan and Cousin Jake

Joey Ryan was in the video truck yelling that nobody needs to see the Deaners.

Joseph Ryan defeats Cousin Jake

Cousin Jake got the early advantage over Joey Ryan until he went shoulder first into the post as Impact went to commercial. Back from the break, Ryan maintained control focusing on the weakened shoulder of Jake. After a few minutes, Cousin Jake evaded some offense from Ryan and hit a side suplex.

After sending Ryan over the top rope with a clothesline, Cousin Jake did a running dive over the top rope connecting with Joseph Ryan. Back in the ring, Cousin Jake lifted Ryan up into a powerbomb. Ryan hung Cousin Jake over the top rope and hit a super kick. Joey Ryan rolled up Cousin Jake and grabbed the ropes to secure the victory.

Rosemary Talks to Taya on the Phone

Jordynne Grace makes Taya sick. Taya convinces Rosemary that they’ll go to Vegas to celebrate after Rosemary wins.

Video Package for Havok and Rosemary

They killed Father James Mitchell together, but their story was supposed to end in violence (not harmony).

Rosemary defeats Havok

This is a full metal mayhem match. Rosemary started by stapling Havok a few times. Havok got the stapler away from Rosemary and hit her with a bunch of them. After a sling blade from Rosemary, the match switched back to Rosemary’s favor. Rosemary brought some street signs into the ring and hit Havok with them several times, but Havok connected with a kick.

Havok couldn’t maintain the advantage because she went shoulder first into a chair in the corner. Rosemary tied a chain around Havok’s throat and began to choke her out. By pulling the chain, Havok managed to escape.

With a bunch of weapons in the ring, All of a sudden, a woman (Nivea) approached ringside as Rosemary led Havok to the stage. Havok hit Rosemary with a Samoan Drop on the ramp.

Back in the ring, Havok choke slammed Rosemary onto a pair of chairs, but that didn’t earn her the pinfall victory. Rosemary hit Havok with a lead pipe to secure the victory.

Backstage Interview with Willie Mack

It felt great to win the X-Division Championship. Johnny Swinger comes by to remind Willie Mack that he promised Swinger a title match.

Backstage Interview with Michael Elgin

Elgin is disappointed because he can’t send Edwards and Blanchard to the hospital on his way to become World Champion. He is steadfast that he’ll be World Champion at the end of the night.

Michael Elgin Video Package

Michael Elgin In Ring Interview

He came to Rebellion last year to say that Big Mike would be World Champion. Elgin says that his opponents bit off more than they could choose. He goes on to bully the referee to raise his hands and the ring announcer to announce him as world champion.

Before the ring announcer could make his declaration, Moose came to the ring wearing the TNA World championship. Elgin tells Moose to go back to the mid card. Hernandez comes to the ring and challenges them both to a match. Referee rings the bell.

Moose defeats Hernandez and Elgin

As Impact came back from commercial, Elgin hit a dive on both men. Elgin had Hernandez cornered, but Moose hit him with a bicycle kick and then a dropkick. Moose then hit Hernandez with a super-plex as Elgin came off the top rope to hit Moose with a big splash. Impact went to commercial.

Moose absorbed a buckle bomb from Elgin and came out of the corner to hit a spear. He could not make a pin because Elgin had a foot under the rope.

Elgin then hit the buckle bomb and the Elgin Bomb on Hernandez. When Elgin went for the cover, Moose pulled the referee out of the ring.

After a bunch of confusion with referees, Moose hit the no jack hammer needed on Hernandez for the pinfall victory.

Rebellion Preview

Impact Wrestling has provided their Storyline Preview.

Impact World Title Picture

Tessa Blanchard’s planned world title defense against Eddie Edwards and Michael Elgin will not happen. Blanchard and Edwards either decided to or could not make the trip to the Rebellion pay per view. Impact plan to announce where we go from here, and they will have an interview with Tessa Blanchard.

Rosemary (0-2-1) vs. Havok (3-2)

Rosemary has yet to record a victory in 2020, but has two losses to Havok on 1/7 and 1/21. The draw came against Su Yung. Havok has three victories with wins over Madison Rayne and Rosemary on 1/7 and 1/21. Her two losses came at the hands of Su Yung and Jordynne Grace.

Trey (0-3) vs. Chris Bey (2-1) vs. Suicide (0-0) vs. Rohit Raju (2-3)

A field full of people trying to prove themselves. Trey’s losses came at the hands of Willie Mack and Ace Austin on 1/12 and 4/14. He does not yet have a victory. Chris Bey has wins over Daga and Damian Drake with a loss to Willie Mack. Suicide is just getting started with his first singles contest of the year. Rohit Raju has recorded recent victories over Wentz and Corey Storm. His losses came at the hands of Hernandez, Willie Mack on 1/21 and 3/24.

Joseph Ryan (3-3) vs. Cousin Jake (0-0)

While Cousin Jake hasn’t had a singles match this year, Joseph Ryan is .500 on the year. He has victories over Maximo and Johnny Swinger on 1/14 and 2/22. His losses came to RVD, Acey Romero, and Cody Deaner.

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