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Bound For Glory – Oct 7

Bound For Glory – Oct 7

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Bound For Glory Results

*Live  from Albany, N.Y.

(Countdown-1)  Brian Myers def. Dirty Dango…in an OPEN CHALLENGE to retain the Digital Media Championship…Myers hits the Roster Cut for the win (07:05).

*Tommy Dreamer inducts his greatest rival, Raven, into the Impact Wrestling Hall of Fame…Raven thanks Tommy & ends his 28 year rivalry by dropping Dreamer with one last Evenflow DDT on the stage.

(2)  Frankie Kazarian def. Mike Bailey…to become the NEW X-Division Champion…Bailey kicks out of the slingshot cutter…Bailey kicks out after Kaz hits the Flux Capacitor…Bailey goes all the way to the top for Ultima Weapon but Kaz catches him with a Cutter…Bailey kicks out at 2 but exposes his back & Kaz transitions into the Chickenwing for the submission win (12:31).

(3)  Mickie James def. Mia Yim…to continue MICKIE’S LAST RODEO…Mickie tweaks her knee early on…Mia hits Eat Defeat but Mickie grabs the bottom rope in time…Mickie hits the Mick-DT for the win (10:58).

(4)  Death Dolls def. VXT…to become the NEW Knockouts Tag Team Champions…Jessicka gets Chelsea up…Taya with a kick to Chelsea’s head & Jessicka hits the SICK-Driver for the win (07:24).

(5)  OGK def. Motor City Machine Guns…to retain their iMPACT! Tag Team Championship…Bennett attempts a superkick on Sabin, but Sabin moves & Bennett kicks Maria Kanellis off the apron…in the confusion, Taven Rolls Up Sabin with his feet on the ropes for the win (16:35).

(6)  Bully Ray wins the CALL YOUR SHOT GAUNTLET…Eric Young & Joe Hendry start things off…followed by Steve Maclin, Rich Swann, PCO, Savannah Evans, Johnny Swinger, Tasha Steelz, Killer Kelly, Moose, Sami Callihan, Taylor Wilde, Gisele Shaw, Bully Ray, Tommy Dreamer, Rhino, Bhupinder Gujjar, Heath, Bobby Fish, & Matt Cardona…Deaner sneaks in among other of VBD’s yellow-hoodie randos to eliminate Sami Callihan…FINAL FOUR: Rich Swann, Bully Ray, Bobby Fish, & Steve Maclin…Maclin eliminates Swann…Maclin eliminates Fish (27:25) & now we fight to the 1st pinfall or submission…Bully Ray with a Bully Bomb on Maclin for the win (29:33).

(7)  Jordynne Grace def. Masha Slamovich…retains her Knockouts Championship…around the 14 min mark Jordynne hits the Grace Driver but Masha kicks at 2…Masha hits a cannonball Air Raid Crash into the corner & follows with the Snowplow but Jorynne gets a foot under the ropes to break the count…Jordynne hits a 2nd buckle Avalanche Grace Driver for the win (16:01).

(8)  Josh Alexander def. Eddie Edwards…retains his iMPACT! World Championship…Eddie pulls up the padding at ringside to expose the hardwood arena floor…Eddie hits a Die Hard Driver, dropping Josh on his surgically repaired neck onto the exposed wood floor…back inside, Eddie hits a backpack stunner for 2…Josh hits 4 consecutive German Suplexes without letting go…in the ring, on the apron’s edge, on the floor, & onto the ramp…back inside, Josh hits a powerbomb backbreaker onto his own knee for a 2 count…Josh hits a Styles Clash & transitions to an ankle lock, but Eddie shakes Josh off & sends him to the floor…Eddie hits a Superplex & looks to follow with the Die Hard Driver but Josh reverses into the C-4 Spike…Matt Taven pulls the ref out & Mike Bennett knocks the ref out…Kenny King hits Josh with a low blow…Eddie with the Boston Knee Party & the back up ref makes the count but Josh kicks at 2…extra refs get rid of Honor No More…Eddie goes for the Boston Knee Party but gets cut off with a stiff right hand…Josh with a C-4 Spike for the win (28:04)…AFTER…

*Honor No More flood the ring & attack Josh Alexander again immediately…Heath & Rich Swann down for the save but the numbers still favor Honor No More…Bully Ray to the ring…he hands the ref his Call Your Shot trophy…is Josh going to get victimized again?…but instead Bully helps Josh clear the ring of Honor No More…then Josh & Bully go face-to face as the show ends.



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