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Impact – Aug 18

Impact – Aug 18

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Impact Results

*Emanating from Chicago, IL.

(BTI)  Gisele Shaw def. Rosemary…Rosemary with a sunset flip, but Shaw continues to roll out of the potential roll up & counters immediately with a knee to the face of a seated Rosemary for the win (08:25).

(1)  Black Taurus def. Laredo Kid, Rey Horus, & Trey Miguel…in a FATAL 4-WAY MATCH…Taurus hits Destination Hellhole (formerly “Power-Bull”) on Laredo Kid for the win (07:33).

*Tasha Steelz is aggravated by Zicky Dice & Johnny Swinger admiring Killer Kelly’s debut on a monitor…Killer Kelly approaches, she has words with Tasha & Savannah Evans…looks like it’ll be Kelly vs. Savannah later tonight.

*Rich Swann & Josh Alexander chatting backstage…Vincent interrupts, says Impact is overworking Josh & eventually his luck is going to run out…maybe against Eddie Edwards after he wins the #1 Contender match tonight.

(2)  Heath def. Kenny King…Heath hits the Wake Up Call for the win (07:32)…AFTER…Honor No More surround the ring & attack 6-on-Heath…Eddie demands that PCO land the final blow…Heath breaks free & hits a Wake Up Call on Bennett before escaping through the crowd.

*Motor City Machine Guns & Kushida chatting backstage…they’ll take on Violent By Design next week 3-on-3…Time Machine vs. VBD.

*Honor No More are pissed off backstage…they approach Scott D’Amore about that title shot for OGK…Scott says Gallows needs a couple weeks…Maria is not happy…since they’re ready for a fight, Scott books Karl Anderson vs. Mike Bennett for next week…if Anderson wins, Maria will be banned from ringside when the tag title match eventually happens.

(3)  Killer Kelly def. Savannah Evans…Kelly locks on the Killer Clutch & gets the tap for the submission win (03:29)…AFTER…Tasha Steelz has some words from ringside for Kelly.

*Rosemary, Taya Valkyrie, & Jessicka chatting backstage…Rosemary says they will rebuild themselves…Jessicka already went to management & has her debut match next week…Rosemary isn’t pleased because she doesn’t think Jessicka is ready.

*Jordynne Grace backstage with Gia…she has no problem facing Masha Slamovich next for the Knockouts title…VXT interrupt to tease Jordynne (they’re bullies)…Grace offers to face them 2-on-1…Mia Yim approaches & offers to be Jordynne’s partner…they challenge VXT to defend the tag titles against them…VXT accept & walk off in disgust.

(4)  Mike Bailey def. Chris Bey…retains his X-Division Championship…Bey attempts a Frankensteiner in the corner but Bailey kicks Bey out of mid air…follows with Ultima Weapon for the win (08:25).

*Brian Myers runs into Bhupinder Gujjar backstage…Gujjar says their feud is far from over.

(5)  Eddie Edwards def. Rich Swann, Moose, Steve Maclin, Sami Callihan, & Bandido…in a 6-WAY ELIMINATION #1 CONTENDER MATCH…Moose eliminates Callihan with a Spear…Maclin immediately eliminates Moose with a Roll Up…Bandido eliminates Maclin with the 21-Plex…Edwards makes a blind tag on Swann…after Swann hits a Phoenix Splash on Bandido, Edwards runs Swann into the post & eliminates Bandido with a Boston Knee Party…Edwards hits the Boston Knee Party on Swann but only gets 2…follows with the Die Hard Driver to eliminate Swann & pick up the win (27:12)…as a result, Edwards faces the world champion at the Bound for Glory PPV.


iMPACT! PREVIEW – Aug. 25, 2022

+ VXT (c) vs. Jordynne Grace & Mia Yim – for the Knockouts Tag Team Championship

+ Violent By Design vs. Time Machine (Sabin/Shelley/Kushida)

+ Karl Anderson vs. Mike Bennett – if Anderson wins, Kanellis is banned from ringside for the tag title match.

+ Jessicka’s in-ring debut


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