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SmackDown – Aug 19

SmackDown – Aug 19

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SmackDown Results

*SmackDown #1200 is LIVE from Montreal, QC.

*Ronda Rousey hops the barricade & says she’s not leaving the ring until her suspension is lifted…Adam Pearce says that’s above his pay grade & sends security to remover her…Ronda destroys the security team, so Pearce brings out police officers & Ronda leaves calmly in cuffs…as Ronda leaves in the police cruiser, Roman Reigns arrives in his blacked-out SUV.

*Bayley, Dakota Kai, & Iyo Sky are seated front row behind the announce desk for…

(1)  Women’s Tag Title Tournament, Rd. 1: Toxic Attraction def. Natalya & Sonya Deville…Natalya misses a blind tag by Jacy & steps into a Sharpshooter on Gigi…Natty gets Rolled Up by Jacy for the win (09:55).

*Sami Zayn arrives at the Bloodline dressing room…security says Roman Reigns wants to see Sami…Sami enters & says Jey is ungrateful for the Claymore Sami saved him from…Roman agrees…Sami answers Roman’s phone…it’s Jey…the Usos are having trouble at the border & won’t be there tonight…Roman gives Sami a message to take back to his pal, Kevin Owens…Roman doesn’t owe him anything…Roman wishes Sami good luck in his 5-way match.

*Maximum Male Models in the ring…Hit Row interrupt & clear the ring…then rap for way too long…Maxxine Dupri seems intrigued by the performance.

*Karrion Kross & Scarlett promo…he won’t let go of this “Chosen One” thing with Drew McIntyre.

(2)  Sheamus def. Ricochet, Happy Corbin, Madcap Moss, & Sami Zayn…in a FATAL 5-WAY INTERCONTINENTAL #1 CONTENDER MATCH…Sami delivers the Helluva Kick to Ricochet but Corbin pulls Sami off the cover & out of the ring…Corbin slides in to take advantage of Ricochet when Sheamus lands a Brogue Kick to Corbin for the win (23:53)…as a result, Sheamus faces Gunther in Cardiff for the Intercontinental Championship.

*Viking Raiders hold a funeral for the New Day…they respect them as warriors but their time has passed…Valhalla awaits them…a New Viking Day will dawn…they burn some t-shirts & a box of Booty-O’s.

*Liv Morgan backstage with Kayla…says she can’t worry about her injured elbow tonight against Shotzi…she just has to do whatever it takes…and she will…watch her.

(3)  Liv Morgan def. Shotzi…NON-TITLE…Morgan hits ob-LIV-ion for the win (06:06)…AFTER…Shayna Baszler attacks Morgan from behind…she sets up for the elbow stomp but tells Liv that she would rather break her arm in Cardiff & take her title.

*Drew McIntyre finds an hourglass in his dressing room as he prepares to head to the ring for his face-to-face with Roman Reigns.

*Roman Reigns to the ring, sans Usos & the Wise Man…Drew McIntyre follows, sans Angela…Drew says Roman doesn’t represent those championships the way they deserve to be…words get heated…fists fly…Drew sets up for a Claymore but Sami Zayn pushes Roman out of the way & eats the Claymore…Roman prepares for a Spear but Drew beats him to the punch & delivers a Claymore to Roman…the show ends with Drew holding both titles high (do they ever learn?!).


WWE SmackDown PREVIEW – Aug. 26, 2022 

+ Raquel Rodriguez & Aliyah vs. Toxic Attraction – Women’s Tag Title Tournament, Rd. 2

+ Ricochet vs. Happy Corbin


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