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Impact – July 14

Impact – July 14

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Impact Results

*Emanating from Atlanta, GA.

(BTI)  Bhupinder Gujjar def. Johnny Swinger…Gujjar hits the Gargoyle Spear for the win (08:37)…which Gujjar hopes will impress Brian Myers enough to earn a Digital Media Championship opportunity.

*Deaner & Joe Doering can’t find Eric Young…maybe this is their test?…so they’ll face Josh & the Guns 2-on-3 to try to prove themselves to EY.

(1)  Josh Alexander & the Motor City Machine Guns def. Violent By Design…Young makes his way to the ring seconds after the opening bell…Shelley uses the Motor City Stretch on Deaner for the submission win (18:00)…AFTER…Sabin gets the Impact World title & hesitates before handing it over to Josh…foreshadowing?

*Killer Kelly vignette…coming soon.

(2)  Steve Maclin def. James Storm…Storm hits an O’Connor Roll out of the corner, but Maclin rips off a turnbuckle pad in the process…Maclin kicks out of the roll up & sends Storm into the exposed buckle ring…Maclin hits the Double-Underhook DDT for the win (13:54)…AFTER…LIGHTS OUT…Sami Callihan appears with a barbed wire-wrapped baseball bat, but Maclin has already headed back up the ramp.

*Ric Flair Moment of the Week…Lockdown 2010…Flair interferes in the Lethal Lockdown main event & gets bloodied by Hogan & some brass knux.

*Chris Sabin approaches Scott D’Amore to make his case for an Impact Championship shot…Scott says we earn our shots around here, so next week Sabin takes on Alex Shelley & the winner gets a title shot vs. Josh Alexander at Emergence.

(3)  Chelsea Green def. Mickie James…the ladies trade aggressive lip-locks to start the match (oh, the psychology!)…Mickie sets up for the Mick-D-T but Chelsea drops down for the schoolgirl Roll Up with both feet on the ropes for the win (12:51).

*Taya Valkyrie shows up for her trip to the Undead Realm a little late…Rosemary’s not sure Taya is ready, but away they go…Taya heads “into the light” against Rosemary’s warning, but finds Havok, which was the goal…when Rosemary catches up to them, Taya introduces her to…Jessicka?! (to be continued!)

*Bhupinder Gujjar approaches Brian Meyers backstage to ask about his title shot…Myers says he was impressed, but talks his way out of it because Gujjar doesn’t have “that blue check mark” on his social media accounts.

(4)  Masha Slamovich def. Tenille Dashwood…Masha hits the Snowplow for the win (01:15)…staring down Madison Rayne as she makes the cover.

*Mike Bailey backstage with Gia…says that if Deaner wants a match, all he has to do is ask.

*Mickie James is approached by Gia on her way out of the building…Gia asks, “What’s next?”…Mickie says she’s only as good as her last match, so she’s going home.

*Heath hits a Wake Up Call on Vincent out of nowhere on the ramp after the Honor No More entrance & escapes through the crowd…that’s 2 in 2 weeks for Heath.

(5)  Honor No More (Edwards, OGK, King)def. Bullet Club (Good Brothers, Ace, Bey)…in an 8-MAN TAG MATCH…Maria Kanellis hits Gallows with a low blow from outside…Gallows takes a Boston Knee Party from Edwards & Taven follows with the Aurora Borealis frogsplash for the win (17:34).


iMPACT! PREVIEW – July 21, 2022

+ Chris Sabin vs. Alex Shelley – #1 Contender Match for the Impact Championship

+ Mike Bailey (c) vs. Deaner – for the X-Division Championship

+ Jordynne Grace & Mia Yim vs. Deonna Purrazzo & Chelsea Green


iMPACT!+ EMERGENCE PREVIEW – August 12, 2022 – Cicero Stadium, Chicago

+ Josh Alexander (c) vs. (winner: Sabin/Shelley) – for the Impact World Championship

+ Jordynne Grace (c) vs. Mia Yim – for the Knockouts Championship


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