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Impact – Sep 8

Impact – Sep 8

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Impact Results

*Emanating from Dallas, TX.

(BTI)  Crazzy Steve def. Shane Taylor…Steve hits a 2nd buckle Diving DDT for the win (08:16).

(1)  Aussie Open def. Ace Austin & Chris Bey…Aussie Opens hit Coriolis (Double Pumphandle Death Valley Driver) on Bey, Davis covers for the win (07:32).

*Honor No More celebrating their new champs backstage…King is pissed about being “screwed” out of the X-Division title…Eddie is ready for Heath & wants to show Josh Alexannder why he should join the fight.

*Good Brothers backstage with Gia…they’re man enough to admit defeat but they’re not done with Honor No MoreMotor City Machine Guns interrupt…how have they never faced off 2-on-2?…it’s a PPV main event-worthy match, but we’ll get it next week for free.

(2)  Mickie James def. Raychell Rose…Mickie hits the Mick-DT for the win (03:22).

*Mia Yim backstage with Scott D’AmoreKenny King rudely interrupts, wants a rematch with Bailey…Scott says Bailey is busy next week…but Scott has a big announcement King will be interested in next week…King doesn’t like waiting so Scott gives him Yuya Uemura…and it’s up next.

*Steve Maclin backstage with Gia…he still maintains there’s no alliance with Moose…even though Gia knows they’ll be teaming up next week to take on Decay.

(3)  Yuya Uemora def. Kenny King…King tries to stack Uemora up with his feet on the ropes but Mia Yim knocks them off…King grabs Yim by the hair but she delivers a headkick from the floor…Uemora hits a High Cross Body for the win (14:01).

*Sammy Callihan promo…in the Barbed Wire Massacre match, he’ll have Moose & Maclin right where he wants them.

*Deaner vignette…he still believes in “The Design” & seeks out Eric Young…there are a dozen or so randos in yellow hoodies there as well, chanting, “Violence!”

(4)  Chelsea Green def. Taya Valkyrie…after Deonna Purrazzo hooks Taya’s leg behind the ref’s back from outside, Rosemary drops Deonna while Jessicka gets up on the apron to complain…Chelsea runs Taya into Jessicka & follows with the Unprettier for the win (06:57).

*Jordynne Grace backstage with Gia…Grace says Masha Slamovich’s psychological tactics won’t intimidate her…Grace opens her dressing room to find the message “Masha’s Gonns Kill You” spelled out across dozens of 8x10s pasted to her wall.

*Vincent is in a dark room, working on getting PCO’s mind right with Honor No More.

(5)  Brian Myers def. Bhupinder Gujjar via DQ…retains his Digital Media Championship…after Myers grabs the belt but Gujjar wins a tug of war for it & blasts Myers with it (10:30)…AFTER…Gujjar leaves with the Digital Media Championship again.

*Gail Kim approaches Tasha Steelz on behalf of Killer Kelly…Tasha assumes Kelly wants a match…Gail explains Kelly wants her on commentary as she faces another opponent “because she likes it when people watch”…Tasha is creeped out.

*Scott D’Amore & several referees have to get between Brian Myers & Bhupinder Gujjar backstage…Scott takes the title belt for now…they’ll fight for it in a DMC Ladder Match at Victory Road.

(6)  Eddie Edwards def. Heath…Heath hits the Wake Up Call on Eddie…Mike Bennett slides in & gets a Wake Up Call as well…while the ref is rolling Bennett out, Eddie delivers a low blow uppercut & follows with the Boston Knee Party for the win (12:08).

*Eddie Edwards grabs a mic & calls out Josh Alexander, asking him to choose sides in the war between Impact & Honor No More…Josh says he’s definitely on the opposite side from Eddie…the brawl is on & Honor No More gang up on Eddie…Heath & Rich Swann try to make the save but HNM have the numbers & lay the good guys out…with a Boston Knee Party to Josh as the exclamation point…the show ends with Eddie kneeling over Josh with the World Title while OGK flank him with their tag titles.


iMPACT! PREVIEW – Sep. 15, 2022

+ Good Brothers vs. Motor City Machine Guns

+ Mike Bailey (c) vs. Mascara Dorada – for the X-Division Championship

+ Moose & Steve Maclin vs. Decay

+ Killer Kelly in action (with Tasha Steelz on commentary)


iMPACT!+ VICTORY ROAD PREVIEW – Fri. Sep. 23, 2022 – Nashville, TN.

+ Maclin vs. Moose vs. Sami Callihan – in a Barbed Wire Massacre Match

+ Jordynne Grace vs. an opponent of Masha’s choosing – Pick Your Poison

+ Brian Myers (c) vs. Bhupinder Gujjar – Digital Media Championship Ladder Match


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