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NXT 2.0 – Aug 16

NXT 2.0 – Aug 16

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NXT 2.0 Results

*Heatwave is LIVE from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, FL…and begins with a voiceover review of the card by Heatwave creator, the Wise Man…Paul Heyman.

(1)  Carmelo Hayes def. Giovanni Vinci…retains his North American Championship…Vinci hits a double springboard moonsault but Trick Williams puts Melo’s foot on the rope to break the ensuing pin attempt…Vinci sets Melo up for the Revolution Last Ride but Trick slides in & winds up taking it instead…Vinci attempts one to Melo next, but Melo reverses with a ‘rana & hooks both legs for the Roll Up win (13:13).

*Toxic Attraction arrive at the same time as Bron Breakker…each champ remind the other that they have their work cut out for them tonight.

*Von Wagner promo…Mr. Stone reminds us that even though Sikoa won the street fight, Sikoa is injured & Wagner is fin, because he’s a physical freak…the small don’t survive in his jungle.

*Diamond Mine to the ring…Julius Creed re-watched the 8-man tag from a few weeks ago & accuses Roderick Strong of giving Tony D a signal to set up the “accidental” knee to Roddy’s own partner…the Creeds & Kemp walk Roddy into a corner but before Diamond Mine can implode…Gallus attacks & leaves everyone laying.

*Roxanne Perez backstage with McKenzie…Cora made her bed & now has to lie in it.

(2)  Cora Jade def. Roxanne Perez…Jade brings the kendo stick into play…Roxy gets it away from her but refuses to use it & drops it at the feet of the referee…Cora DDTs Roxy onto the kendo stick for the win (13:18).

*Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen backstage with McKenzie…Gallus interrupt, they don’t like the UK Tag titles on the shoulders of Briggs & Jensen…they want to take those titles home with them…Briggs & Jensen are ready for a fight…Gallus wants a title shot next week.

(3)  Tony D’Angelo def. Santos Escobar…in an ALL OR NOTHING STREET FIGHT…Tony sends Stacks for the crowbar but Del Toro swiped it from its’ hiding spot behind the ring steps earlier & clobbers Stacks with it…the fight goes to the floor & Elektra Lopez pushes Santos out of harm’s way, but Elektra gets leveled by Tony in the process…back inside & exhausted, Tony & Santos exchange words before realizing their weapons of choice are mere feet away…Tony scrambles for the crowbar, Santos for the brass knuckles…Tony makes contact with the crowbar & knocks Santos out to get the pinfall win (12:45)…as a result Santos Escobar is done in NXT.

*Indi Hartwell chatting backstage with Katana Chance & Kayden Carter…Indi gets a letter delivered…it appears to be art from Dexter Lumis!…INDEX FOREVER…Blair Davenport yanks it out of Indi’s hands & tears it in half, proclaiming herself the future NXT Women’s Champion.

*Wendy Choo is tired of being disrespected by Stratton…next week, they’ll face in a “Lights Out” match…Tiffany Stratton is looking forward to the Anything Goes aspect of the match…and the fact that with the lights out she won’t have to look at Wendy’s face…though I’m not sure that’s how it works.

(4)  Mandy Rose def. Zoey Stark…retains her NXT Women’s Championship…about the 5 minute mark, Toxic Attraction gets tossed from ringside…when they argue with the ref, Nikkita Lyons rushes to ringside & takes Gigi & Jacy out…Stark hits the Tilt-A-Whirl GTS but can’t make the cover after using her bad knee & Mandy rolls out…Zoey gets her bad leg caught in the ropes & Mandy attacks the knee & removes the brace…Mandy hits the running knee but Zoey kicks at 2…Mandy puts on Zoey’s brace & delivers another running knee for the win (11:26).

*Quincy Elliott (fka Congo Crush) is more than a Superstar…Quincy is the Super Diva…coming soon.

*Grayson Waller backstage with McKenzie…he doesn’t trust Apollo Cruise, so he’s inviting him on The Grayson Waller Effect talk show next week.

(5)  Bron Breakker   def.  JD McDonagh…retains his NXT Championship…McDonagh misses a moonsault & Breakker hits a Spear but McDonagh manages to roll out…back in, Breakkker hits another Spear & the straps come down…as Breakker celebrates, he realizes McDonagh is standing up behind him with a smile & a mouth full of blood…Spear #3 & a Gorilla Press Powerslam by Breakker for the win (13:17)…AFTER…Tyler Bate to the ring with his NXT UK Championship…he gets face-to-face with Breakker & both men raise their titles…the show ends as Vic Joseph ponders, “can worlds be colliding here in NXT?!”


NXT 2.0 PREVIEW – August 23, 2022

+ Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen (c) vs. Gallus – for the NXT UK Tag Team Championship

+ Wendy Choo vs. Tiffany Stratton – in a Lights Out Match


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